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A British woman in her seventies was the victim of the homicide that took place Tuesday afternoon at Cap Estate, a senior police official has disclosed.

The official identified the deceased as Anna Mitchell.

It is alleged that she sustained multiple injuries as a result of being attacked during a domestic dispute about 5:00 PM.

She died on the spot, police said.

The husband of the deceased has been detained by law enforcement officers, according to reports.



  1. The homicides and attempted murders for the present year is alarming. But more alarming is the deafening silence of the Leader who was supposed to be the great crime stopper. The national security minister has gone incognito. The state of affairs is unacceptable.

  2. NO politician or MP can stop crime in ST. LUCIA OR AROUND THE WORLD except the people themselves. Those in authority can try but it is the PEOPLE, their thoughts and actions which has to changed and unless this is done do not blame any government. THEY PREFER HATRED INSTEAD OF FORGIVENESS OR BE THE BOSS INSTEAD OF HUMBLE. You can increase penalty they will still react negatively. The action starts with the people and their mindset not those in Authority. The MPs had nothing to do with this crime or couple and it still happened. For once let us focus on each other and not those in authority who cannot control your thoughts or intention. ( As some would say “NOBODY TELLING ME WHAT TO DO” then change your negative thoughts to something positive to REDUCE CRIME..)


      • Some of u are just intelligent ********. How the hell government can stop crime. They are not the ones sending anyone out. People have their own enemies. People kill people in fights, for drugs, they rape and kill so the women wont identify them, they rob and kill and the list goes on. Did Allan send them to do it. Urll are just morons . Grow up and stop putting politics in everything and yes the government and police are working and trying their best. We dont have gun stores here but they get them in Martinique, St. Vincent and other places. Just play ur dam part and if u know who committed a crime or own a deadly weapon consult the authorities.

    • This refrain of no politician can stop crime is so exasperating. Crime will always occur but we elect politicians to create the enabling environment for us to live a comfortable life in a reasonably peaceful society. Those who are tasked in manning the government have a solemn duty to provide the leadership to REDUCE crimes to negligible levels. They should put specific measures in place to lessen criminal activities. This present government is not even trying. Government is responsible for the safety and security of its people. Should the head of a household do nothing to protect his family from crime? Yes, crime affects all of us and the whole society has to play their role in this matter but it’s the government’s duty to provide protection for everybody from these hoodlums. If the government are incapable of doing this then they should be voted out of office. In a court of law, this government would be found guilty of delinquency and dereliction of duty .

  3. I can never understand how people can say no politician can stop crime. Y’all voted for a LIAR in Allen Chstent when he said Kenny couldn’t but I can. All crime was Kenny, Kenny but now Kenny is no more, is “no politician can stop crime!. That s why Allen will continue to FOOL the FOOLS!

  4. 2 Chronicles 7:14 New King James Version (NKJV)

    14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

    • This country has to be blighted. There is a lady on facebook on SLAP – every day she is offering up daily prayers, but 2 mins later she is quarreling and cussing up everybody!

  5. SMH, really Lucians!!! And all i’m reading is about politics and politicians Smh, SAD, my condolences to the family may God bless you’ll and St.Lucia.

    • Rightly said, we have to leave the politicians out and check on ourselves. St. Lucia is ours. It do not belong to politicians. We the people make politicians believe St. Lucia is theirs no matter which side of the fence or colour they come from. I am not for the politicians. Blame ourselves for allowing it. Sympathies to the family as they face life without the presence of their loved one.

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