New record as heatwave bakes UK

Sky News:–  A record has been set for the hottest day of the year – the third in as many days.

Porthmadog in north west Wales reached 31.9C (89.4F) on Wednesday afternoon, beating Tuesday’s record of 30.7C (87.2F) in Rostherne in Cheshire, and Monday’s high of 30.1C (86.1F) in London.

And the record-breaking may not yet be over for the day.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: “The temperature seen at Porthmadog will not necessarily be the highest today but it is the record so far this year.”

The Met Office said temperatures are set to climb further during the week, with a possible high of 33C (91.4F) on Thursday, soaring above the UK average of 17.3C (63.1F) for this time of year.

Parts of north west England, Northern Ireland and Scotland could reach up to 30C or 31C on Thursday.

Britain has been basking in sunshine as a heatwave continues across the country and the fine, hot weather is expected to stay into next month.

Parts of the UK are hotter than Athens in Greece, and on a par with Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The highest temperatures over the next few days are set to be in the north and west, rather than the South East.

And there is a chance Northern Ireland will beat its highest-ever recorded temperature of 30.8C (87.4F).

That mark was set on 30 June 1976 at Knockarevan in County Fermanagh and then equalled on 12 July 1983 at Shaw’s Bridge, Belfast.

Scotland could get close to its June record of 32.2C (89.9F), which was set way back on 18 June 1893 in Ochtertyre, Perth and Kinross.

Sky weather producer Chris England said: “It looks like there’s about a 50% chance that somewhere in Northern Ireland will get over 30.8C in the next couple of days, beating the all-time temperature record set in 1976.

“Scotland’s June record of 32.2C has a lower chance of being beaten, probably around 10%, but it is possible.”

He added: “It is also worth noting that Ireland’s top temperature (both June and all-time) of 33.3C (91.9F) is highly unlikely to be broken.”

Public Health England has issued a warning saying the extreme heat may pose a risk to the most vulnerable.

The Met Office has placed its heat health warning at level two – meaning social and healthcare services should be at the ready to alleviate some of the harmful impacts of a heatwave.

Here are the UK’s record temperatures:


Hottest ever day: 38.5C (101.3F) on 10 August 2003 in Faversham, Kent.

Hottest ever June: 35.6C (96F) on 29 June 1957 in Camden Square, central London.


Hottest ever day: 32.9C (91.2F) on 9 August 2003 at Greycrook in the Scottish Borders.

Hottest ever June: 32.2C (89.9F) on 18 June 1893 in Ochtertyre, Perth and Kinross.


Hottest ever day: 35.2C (95.3F) on 2 August 1990 at Hawarden Bridge in Flintshire.

Hottest ever June: 33.7C (38.6F) on 18 June 2000 in Machynlleth, Powys.


Hottest ever day: 30.8C (87.4F) on 30 June 1976 at Knockarevan in County Fermanagh, and on 12 July 1983 at Shaw’s Bridge, Belfast, County Antrim.

Hottest ever June: 30.8C (87.4F) on 30 June 1976 at Knockarevan in County Fermanagh.