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Two masked gunmen on Sunday afternoon staged a brazen daylight robbery of the Umi Ultra Mart in Marchand.

An eyewitness reported that the robbery took place shortly after noon.

According to the eyewitness, the masked gunmen held up the cashier and demanded the day’s takings.

“When they left the store after they took the cash, they went out and they fired a shot in the air I believe,” the eyewitness said.

“Nobody knows where they went, if they had a vehicle – things like that.”

It was unclear how much money was stolen, but no one was injured during the incident.

“There was a security (guard) there. They asked her to lie down. The other one that was at the front, they told him not to move. They pointed the gun at him,” the eyewitness recalled.

Police are investigating the incident.



  1. People, have you seen it? Broad daylight. So tell me then; is St. Lucia a breeding ground for criminals? Well destroy them; don’t let them grow!

  2. The guards here have no proper training,(just saying) when something like this happens, you will see some of them running, hiding when they are supposed to secure the place. “Scardygaurds”!

  3. did you know that if a guard shoot someone they get themselves in more problem than if they run to save themself did you also know that a guard cant fire shots in a public place

  4. JQ eh want to give deh securities guns and deh no is a small business by a road in a ghetto so wat deh get deh hole and I sure as dt happen deh go check deh selves

  5. Your man and your brother that do the crime and now they all over enjoying them self. When u c i come der and u watch me to hard u go hear what I telling. Don’t ask if they put u in another location.

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