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A man who was wanted by the police is said to be in serious condition at St Jude Hospital, after being shot by lawmen Tuesday afternoon about 4:00 pm.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times the man, identified as Fernel Sexius,known as ‘Cookie’, was a passenger on a bus which was stopped by the police near the Aupicon junction in Vieux Fort.

‘Cookie’ is reported to have disembarked and fled with the police in hot pursuit.

According to reports, gunshots were fired and the wanted man was hit.

He was later transported to St Jude Hospital via ambulance, as a small crowd of onlookers gathered at the scene.

A reliable source told St Lucia Times that a discarded firearm was recovered from the area where the wanted had fled.

It is reported that a warrant of arrest had been issued for Sexius, who is said to be well known to law enforcement authorities.



  1. Sad very sad. An aspiring artiste of 2011. What happened? Did he let his uncles influence him? Remember the incident where brother killed brother from la ressource? Well, he followed a life of crime from those who were supposed to be role models. Sad indeed

  2. Why were the shots fired?Was the suspect near a cliff or train and would disappear. Our police officers like to shoot too much bullets travel and others can get hurt. This is the reason why st.lucia is denied assistance from the USA others have lost their jobs and under going treatment at the wellness center. This is not Justice in other countries criminals get chased until they are caught and the officers have guns just the same.

    • Like since the US eh gvn us support we have a worst police force? I hope they never gv us support again, They kill young black innocent kids. EH want those guys teaching our officers anything. Ours shooting criminals not young black kids. Thank God for that. Btw Docs and nurses let him die. This same guy might just shoot or rob you all and you families if he survives.

  3. I was there, and the police shot a man in cold blood; isn’t that a crime? Why not arrest the man? Why do they have to chase him into to the bush while shooting indiscriminately? Thankfully, no one else was injured. The action of the police is very frightening. The police and general public were not in danger. Aren’t there rules which govern engagement. If the police are not under a threat to their lives are they allow to shoot?

    • Rh. Ss I was there too and from what I saw you and others including me, were about 1500 meters from the spot where the police shot Cookie. Do you know what happened from the moment he got off the bus and the time he was shot by the police? Dou you know why the police had to get a Marine Unit diver to retrieve something from the canal? I guess not.

      We are dealing with one of the coldest criminals in Vieux Fort. One who has been accused of several brazen shootings and homicides. And yes the police did retrieve a loaded firearm from the canal from what I was told. I was also told that he was shot when he pointed the weapon at the pursuing officers. I guess you would have preferred to hear that one or two police officers has gotten shot and killed. But sometimes it has to take crime hitting home or close to home for us to truly understand the sacrifices made by our law enforcement officers. US sanctions or not I hope they do their jobs to the fullest and protect us. People like you are in the minority. Bravo to our officers!!!!

    • The man is a criminal. Where is the crime encouragement when you are encouraging him. He shot a man at his bar unprovoked. He terrorized his mother’s neighborhood. He is a menace; a cunning one. Do you really know who you are defending.

      If you care so much, why not get him help to STOP his behavior. As far as I’m concerned, as a humanitarian, this guy should be dead! Stop the hypocrisy.

  4. rh.ss are you serious or did you even think first before writing? Pray do tell how can the police arrest a wanted man who is running away. I sure would like to know how is that possible. How can the arrest him if they had to chase him. Those who live by the gun die by the gun. Worried were his uncle’s criminals? Is is sad that an argument turned out to be deadly but I don’t know them to be criminals. Sometime things happened at the spur of the moment and it is regretted for the rest of ones life. So please don’t blame his criminality on his uncle’s. Everyone has a mind of their own

  5. It’s unfortunate that he was shot. I hope he survives. This should be a teachable moment to all those who are intent on living a life of a criminal. It doesn’t worth it.

  6. Rh.ss I don’t think you understand what you saw today. Do you know Cookie, he’s one of the top criminals in vieux fort, he’s wanted for one the incidents that happened recently in vieux fort. With these guys under police custody vieux fort will become a safer place.

  7. When I see police I don’t run. When police see me they don’t shoot at me. Dude if you are man enough to do the crime then be man enough to face the penalties. Personally in a case like that the police should act like photographers. Take head shots!

  8. Y’all will no wat story to put just now Lucians again they say or sum 1 told y’all fake afakeadd people my brother has his bad times and good times so all y’all negative comments take it n push it

  9. This man is a menace amd until you have been robbed ay gunpoint for your hard earned money or have a family memeber of yours chopped or.shot you cant talk this is a trigger happy idiot who’s first instinct is to shoot and then run like a coward i wish i could say was but the police didnt fulfill they role to serve and protect his.gone servive eventually get out of prison and the cycle gone continue and he gone terrorize people even more

    If it was me he would of been crippled from the waist down

  10. Good job on down plenty more to go . these criminals spoiling saint-lucia the only thing is to put them down. You live by the gun you die by the gun . why should it be right for them to make people feel afraid at their own homes. Smh.

  11. you’ll would saying their should of give him head top you’ll nvr took tym to no di man you’ll running bad talk about di man you’ll lucians, i eh no wam to you’ll sometimes that same person that will b dh for u wen u on yuh death bed gaza use youll mind wisely all of youll is hypocrites put youll self in di man shoes yu cantt judge a book by its cover

  12. All guns taken of the streets is a positive thing because those are the same guns and people doing all the robberies bad killings threaten all the innocent people …we need more action like that in st Lucia to bring back peace

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