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AVN:-  Juan Carlos Monasterio Vanegas, ex-Sergeant of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), one of those arrested for the assassination attempt against the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, linked Osman Delgado Tabosky, financier and resident in the United States (USA), as the main leader of the attempted attack against the Head of State, who is involved in the assault and theft of weapons in 2017 from Fort Paramaracay, in the state of Carabobo.

According to the investigations, details the audiovisual material presented by the head of state, the operation, called Yunque-Martillo, had as its main objective to detonate two drones in the presidential platform: one on the top of the stage, and another in the front area of it.

The sergeant asked for justice for his involvement in the assault on Fort Paramaracay, he told how he met Captain Juan Caguaripano who led the takeover of the aforementioned military compound on August 6th, 2017.

He commented that Caguaripano introduced him to a lieutenant known as Pico, who is an organizer of the attack against Maduro that they executed with aircraft operated at distances and loaded with explosives.

“After the attempt, to take arms at Fort Paramacay, he asks me for help, he asked me to rescue him at La Victoria, I went to La Victoria and we were injured at the toll of La Victoria.” He calls a coronel called Sosa Freites and gives him some instructions, that he must go to the crossroads of Cagua, there in Maracay, I lost contact with him until the moment they grab him, then in October 2017, Lieutenant Pico contacted me, ” Monastery narrated.

Pico contacts the current detainee to go to Colombia and support the operation by driving one of the aircraft. “In February, I’m heading directly to Colombia, I pass through my normal border card without any problem and that’s when Lieutenant Pico arrives there in San Antonio, in Cucuta, we go to the camp, he shows me the boys, he tells me more or less how is the issue: the operation, which was an attack against the President and there puts me in touch with Osman Tabosky, “said the retired sargent.

Monasterio makes a series of trips between Venezuela and Colombia with a border card that Colombian authorities take away.

“I pass the novelty and Osman Tabosky tells me that I was going to talk to Socrates who is the one in charge of making that kind of link,” he says and said that thanks to the opposition leaders Juan Requesens instructed by Julio Borges manages to move to Colombia.

“The instructions were that when I arrived in San Antonio, I would go over the normal bridge and when I arrived to the Colombian authorities I would say or ask for Mr. Mauricio Jimenez, who is a boss there of the Colombian immigration issue,” he added.

Later, those involved organize the logistics to send the flying artifacts from Colombia to Venezuela, after carrying out several tests.