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Staff of the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) and Office of the Mayor are now sporting new uniforms, as part of an initiative to enhance the image of the council.
Uniforms were distributed to some two hundred and fifty employees  in six departments.
The uniforms include pink and turquoise scrubs for comfort station staffers, polo shirts, button-up shirts and dress pants for Sanitation Workers and Cemetery and Parks Departments employees and business wear for the Administrative Department staff.
The CCC’s Communications Manager, Jason Hullingseed said the uniforms will facilitate identification of the staff and help members of the public recognise CCC employees who are posted at their respective work stations.
“It is in keeping with the professional image of Council,” Hullingseed said.
“We know if you look and feel good in what you’re wearing, you are going to provide even more exceptional service to the public.”


  1. Feeling good about what u are wearing DOES NOT EQUATE TO PROVIDING EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE. Where do we get these square pegs in round holes?

  2. Sometimes it takes something so simple to raise morale. Now keep striving to make the city what it should be.

  3. It is so strange to see what makes news in St Lucia today, other government departments has changed uniforms, insitute new sections and this dont warrant media intervention.
    Why dont persons stop using the government resources for political gains. New uniform is not something so prestige, all departments has it. stop looking for praise for doing your job, you receive a salary every month. So leave the media channel open for more pressing matters in the country.

    • it seems u belive uniforms are cheap?? an dnot because one earns a salary every month, bills have to pay, family to care for, etc, so you think there is money for uniform?? if you work at a place that has uniforms in place, it is the company that has to provide the uniforms, if is a place where u can wear jeans and a top, then the person will buy their own clothes.

  4. As a worker a better working environment and working conditions including uniforms makes a difference in the output from workers. The CCC has never seen such improvements before at the council and in the city but all some can do is to hide behind a name and criticize? We are are our worse enemies here it seems. If it is good just say it is good why look for all kinda negatives?

  5. Great job mayor. You have done more in the time you have been there than alot who were there donkey years in the positoon….its the little things that count. Keep up the great work.

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