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A one man protest against child abuse was staged Thursday by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Feed the Poor Ministry, Gaspar Henry.

Henry announced plans to protest outside various media and other establishments and was seen outside the offices of MBC Television Thursday morning.

Declaring that he himself was physically abused as a child by his stepfather, he asserted that of late there seems to be a proliferation of child abuse.

“ I find that teachers are interfering with students, fathers  having sex with their daughters and I find abuse on all fronts – physical, emotional,”  the CEO of Feed the Poor Ministry explained.

He recalled having seen a video which he said really touched him and reminded him of how his stepfather used to abuse him.

Henry disclosed that the recording showed a woman cruelly beating a child with what appeared to be a broomstick.

“She asked the child to kneel and the child knelt and she told the child ‘Do not put your hands up for licks’”, he stated.

“Come on man, you are a mother. Have you sold your soul?”

Henry made clear that he has no problem with parents disciplining their children, but asserted that he is against the abuse of children.

“We have to stand up and denounce that and I am calling on the relevant authorities, the media, human services, the police and all those in authority to ensure that that woman and anybody else who is involved in abusing a child feel the full force of the law.”

Henry expressed the view that his protest would grow because there are Saint Lucians who think like him and will join the demonstration.

“At the end of the day, I want when I stand before God and he asks me what did I do when I saw these acts of injustice, I can tell him that I did something.”