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Guyana Chronicle:-  A MOTHER of two was arrested on Saturday after stabbing her three-year-old son to death, and lovingly placing his bleeding body on a bed in the shack where they live at Foulis, East Coast Demerara.

Dead is Ramdeo Ferreira, who would have celebrated his fourth birthday in December.
The 26-year-old housewife, who was reportedly armed with a knife, was seen chasing her son around the yard before stabbing him about the body.

Neighbours later told the Guyana Chronicle that the woman was heard saying, before being taken away by the police, that she had a dream she was going to die and wanted her favourite child with her in the afterlife.

Her older son, who is six and who witnessed the stabbing, reportedly started screaming and ran out of the yard to inform his father’s sister who lives nearby.
The father was reportedly at work at a lumber yard when news of his son’s demise reached him.

Minutes after being contacted by neighbours, police from the Enmore Outpost found the child lying unconscious on the bed where his mother placed him, with stab wounds to his chest and back.

He was immediately taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, but died whilst receiving treatment.

Police said that the mother is cooperating with investigators.

In an interview with this publication, many neighbours described the assailant as someone who was uncaring, inhumane and neglectful, and showed very little interest in her children.
“This is a woman who goes missing for days and lock her children up in a house and got the father in a taxi looking around for her. This woman is careless; her children could be on the streets and in danger, and she would be inside the house without a care,” one resident said.

One mother in the area said the couple has been living in the neighbourhood several years now, and the mother was never a good example to her children.

“The father is a good man,” the woman said. “He is respected because he tries. He lost his job at GuySuCo and it was hard for them, but he later got a work at the lumber yard.
“But it’s the woman who making it bad for this man; it’s a very sad situation.
“The Child Care and Protection Agency had visited them before and I don’t know what was done, but the agency knows something was very wrong. Those children should have been taken away from such a monster.”

Another neighbour said that the police were called in Friday night when the woman was seen beating up on the house and fence and even the children with pots and pans.
“The husband was outside trying to make things better, but it wasn’t until three o’clock Saturday morning that the noise and racket stop. The woman was behaving really crazy,” the man said.

Residents in the area are now calling on the authorities to make her an example, since such a woman should not be a mother. Neighbours all agreed that she was violent and abusive to her husband and children.

“It would have been better if she had taken her own life and instead allow the child to grow up and be someone better than she is,” one man said.