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Botham Shem Jean who was shot dead Thursday in his own apartment  in Dallas, Texas, by a female police officer, was remembered at a vigil Tuesday evening on the La Clery playing field.

The event included prayer, song and tributes to the deceased.

Botham’s uncle, Irenius Jean, described the vigil as having been very comforting for the family.

“I believe that it showed that our people really care and there is still hope in Saint Lucia – we still look out for each other in spite of all the crimes ,” he told St Lucia Times.

The uncle disclosed that Botham Jean will be buried in Saint Lucia.

He expressed the view that the death of his nephew  should change the trend of such killings in the United States.

“I believe that this situation may end up being the turnaround,” Jean asserted.

He declared that the world is watching,

(Irenius Jean)

Jean said he was not surprised at the outpouring of support for the family as Botham Jean was a very caring, generous individual who loved people.

“He learned from his family the art of helping people,” he told St Lucia Times, recalling that the deceased, while at university, would annually send a group of students to Saint Lucia to do charitable work.

“He went around in the summer, helped old people repair their homes- he did a lot of charitable work and this is what he lived for.”

The National Review Tuesday described  Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger’s killing of Botham Shem Jean as an “unspeakable tragedy” that  highlights the need for officers like her to face impartial justice.

“It is hard to think of a more tragic, more senseless shooting in America than the killing last week of Botham Shem Jean,” David French wrote in an article on the incident.

Jean was home alone in his apartment in the South Side Flats complex in Dallas when police officer Amber Guyger entered and shot him dead.

The affidavit supporting the officer’s arrest on a charge of manslaughter stated that she believed she was entering her own apartment, which was directly below Jean’s and laid out almost identically.


  1. Sad..may Botham rest in peace…i dont think the killing will stop.because there is no love in this world some people are angry mean. ignorant..they choose satan over God.that why its a mess in this world..you thought someone was in your apartment ..the guy had no weapons why were you so quick to shoot..eh.hope she rot where she belong..terrible.

  2. I guess we have to just put the death..of the 13yrs old that was shot in Monchy …under a rug….in st.lucia if your family don’t have name or money … you’re nothing…

  3. This is one of d saddest an most dum thing I have every herd how d hell u can mistake your home from the time u reach the front door u will no that not yours how the hell she got in unless the door was unlock that to show black people are not even saft in they own homes to the family may God be with u all may he rest in Peace

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