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Ladies and gentlemen of the press, today September 18th, 2018 marks 76 days since the Prime Minister announced that work would recommence at the St. Jude Hospital site at Augier Vieux Fort, to date, the government has evidently not started work on the site.  This is compounded by the fact that this month marks two years and two months since rehabilitation work was stopped at the St. Jude Hospital reconstruction site. Despite all the pleading of the professionals, patients and general public, there has been no update from the government on its pronouncements on July 4th, 2018.

You will recall that the Saint Lucia Labour Party did call on the government to take note of the special urgent circumstances of the George Odlum Stadium, and to take action to avert any potential disaster which may occur as a result of the worsening conditions.  Now, the George Odlum Stadium is without roofing material and the structure is further exposed, placing staff and patients in additional danger.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party once again calls on the government to act in the best interest of the people of Saint Lucia and make the transfer of the staff and patients from the George Odlum Stadium to the refurbished St. Jude Hospital in Augier a top priority of their administration.

Thousands of Saint Lucians who joined the national protest on Sunday September 9th, 2018, the anniversary of the St. Jude fire continued to protest the halt to construction activities on the St. Jude site for over two years and the government’s indecision on the issue.

The government should heed the advice of the Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association (SLMDA), to complete construction of the East Wing of the hospital and remove the operations of St. Jude Hospital from the George Odlum Stadium urgently.

The government needs to give the people of Saint Lucia an update about the transitioning from the Victoria Hospital to the Owen King EU Hospital and the status of the staff at the Victoria Hospital.  Staff at the Victoria Hospital are growing increasingly anxious about their tenure and future conditions of work based on multiple scenarios and pronouncements from different actors in the government.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party is satisfied that the new Act which governs the Millennium Medical Complex, passed by the Labour Party in government, provides protections for the current staff at Victoria Hospital.  However, we are watchful and will remain vigilant, to ensure that the protection of workers, that are enshrined in the Act are preserved. The gift of a hospital from the European Union was never meant to be privatized.  The Saint Lucia Labour Party once again states that it will seek to undo any arrangement which seeks to privatize the Owen King EU Hospital.

As early as January of this year the Saint Lucia Labour Party cautioned that based on advice from the medical practitioners about the use of dialysis machines without the necessary and adequate support services.  Has there been any change to the provision of services for dialysis patients since the recent death of a young farmer?

There have been no specific updates on the proposals for health insurance, the people of Saint Lucia need clarification on the many suggestions that a foreign concern is in discussion with our government to operate our two hospitals.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on the UWP administration to remove this widening veil of uncertainty and fear over our health sector, return to the reconstruction of the St. Jude Hospital and return to the consultative process with the Medical and Dental Association.



  1. I do not read anything on Healthcare from the SLP. They have been the worse government on the healthcare issue. I am just waiting for the comments. St Lucian are not stupid.

  2. Is this a resubmission of a previous release. I thought after the march the SLP would have shutdown the country and we would not be seeing these release again. Iam getting vargue on this one SLT.

  3. This is one of the most uncaring, inefficient, recalcitrant and totally inept administrations globally. They want to run government like a business by privatizing key sectors (health, national security/Customs, marine police, immigration). They believe in the concept of Trickle Down Economics. This is a tried and failed economic experiment by conservatives in the US. The citizens, without being led by any political party, should shut down the country by holding massive demonstrations in Castries on a working day. Demonstrations after demonstrations until this concoction of soulless people, presently running the country, acquiesces to the demands of the vast majority of the citizens.. Healthcare and National Security are at an all time low yet the government is indecisive and pussyfooting on these two most important issues. This administration seems to be comprise of men and women who have had their consciences surgically removed. They are a Burning Disgrace!!!!!!

  4. Umdo he privatization of the OKEU Hospital as recommended by the EU through its ambassador? They would deal with you all behind if you all ever get into government again. It would be the USA and now the European Union.

  5. I can remember..the former health minister sayin…the death of a patient at the st.jude hospital was a minor glitch….the family of those who died or was injured was never compensated…by the slp government…..

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