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Jamaica Observer:  KINGSTON, Jamaica — James Johnson, a young minister of the popular Church of God of Prophecy at 41 Old Harbour Road in St Catherine was gunned down this evening while teaching a class at the church.

According to the police’s Corporate Communication Unit, Johnson, a 29 year-old pastor from Union Estate in the parish, was reportedly in the middle of teaching a class about 5:00 pm when a lone gunman entered and shot him several times.

There has, this evening, been an outpouring of grief on social media for Johnson who was reportedly the only son for his mother.


  1. Meanwhile, in Jamaica…

    I mean, why do we even bother with news coming out of Jamaica? That country serves as a cautionary tale why we must always endeavor to do our best to build up our country.

    • Build up your country? Because gun men aren’t in every country? Please remember that murders happen in every country on earth. This was very unfortunate, especially for someone who was doing his job to build up his country .So stop gwaan like you betta dan dis.

      • Wait, are you seriously saying that because crime happens we should just let it happen and not do anything? That sounds like something a black person would say.

  2. No fear for the house of the Lord anymore. May God have mercy on such a person. If that person is not bring to justice, deal with the case Lord.

  3. Jamaica has decended into a state of ungovernable people . With wonton crimes that goes unsolved. Elderly women are raped and murdered in their homes, elderly men are robbed and murdered . Children are kidnapped , rapped and set on fire. People homes are robbed of their contents by the very people who are supposed to protect them. The very good you plant in your fields are stolen and sold by people who watch you labor every day to bring them to maturity . People lock themselves in their homes , behind iron bars , in an attempt to stay safe. All those who witness a robbery , shares the loot , there is none to say , this is wrong , stop it! From the youngest to the aged , most operates on a “what can you do for me “ basis . Little girls and their parents seek out elderly retired pensioners and exchange sexual favors for school fees and the like . There is always a sense of anxiety and fear on the island . People lock their doors early st nights and won’t open again until daybreak . The returning citizens are fair games , targeted as having wealth they shouldn’t have , and are frequently robbed and murdered. When you check your baggage at the airports and you reach your dedtinations..you get your luggage .. partially unzipped and the best of its contents are missing. The list goes on and on.. there were so much law and order , dignity and respect for humanity , before Jamaica’s independence. What will become of Jamaica if these issues are not seriously addressed? I fear for our beautiful island!! Rest In Peace , young Pastor !!

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