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ABC:-  Marijuana could be worse for teen brains than alcohol, a new study found.

The study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry tested the memory and reasoning of 3,800 teens ages 13-17.

They found that marijuana affected teens’ long-term cognitive abilities more than alcohol. The study also found that even when students stopped smoking pot, their memory did not get better.

Scientists say they need to do more research to find out how and why the brain is affected by early marijuana use.



  1. Bullcrap!why is there somany teenage DUI and deadly accidents under the influence of alcohol and none recorded for weed….just another gimmick like when that stupid professor said that coconut oil is the worst oil and a killer….yet we in the caribbean all grew up on coconut products that makes us anti aging…i don’t even know why our local media’s republish those hoax talk.

  2. doesn’t sound like a good study. use is reported by young kids

    Alcohol and cannabis misuse are related to impaired cognition. When inferring causality, four nonexclusive theoretical models can account for this association: 1) a common underlying vulnerability model; 2) a neuroplasticity model in which impairment is concurrent with changes in substance use but temporary because of neuroplastic brain processes that restore function; 3) a neurotoxicity model of long-term impairment consequential to substance use; and 4) a developmental sensitivity hypothesis of age-specific effects. Using a developmentally sensitive design, the authors investigated relationships between year-to-year changes in substance use and cognitive development.
    A population-based sample of 3,826 seventh-grade students from 31 schools consisting of 5% of all students entering high school in 2012 and 2013 in the Greater Montreal region were assessed annually for 4 years on alcohol and cannabis use, recall memory, perceptual reasoning, inhibition, and working memory, using school-based computerized assessments. Multilevel regression models, performed separately for each substance, were used to simultaneously test vulnerability (between-subject) and concurrent and lagged within-subject effects on each cognitive domain.
    Common vulnerability effects were detected for cannabis and alcohol on all domains. Cannabis use, but not alcohol consumption, showed lagged (neurotoxic) effects on inhibitory control and working memory and concurrent effects on delayed memory recall and perceptual reasoning (with some evidence of developmental sensitivity). Cannabis effects were independent of any alcohol effects.
    Beyond the role of cognition in vulnerability to substance use, the concurrent and lasting effects of adolescent cannabis use can be observed on important cognitive functions and appear to be more pronounced than those observed for alcohol.

  3. The bottom line is,not all young children are going to smoke or drink in their lives.
    The same as the old folk.So why do we have to be controled? Let us have the freedom,of choosing what we whant to do in our lives,and how we want to do it.We have all the working regulations,that stop us from doing certain things.My granpa did pot all his life,he had 10 chidren and was a genius,managed his family and farm,played violin,healed people.And died in peace.He would have never past a drug test,in his life.I know all about the Canadian study,and its fine.
    Ganga would change this country if we all come out and decriminalice the weed.We would be floded with tourists,all our young boys would become farmers,and money would be floowing in the streets.It would take us some time to adapt to the change,but boy what a change it would be.Ganga is a relaxing drug,it softens you,you dont pick up agresive feelings.Remember now,a lot of the stuff you buy is mixed wth cocaine,and other things.The problem is those that are strong drug users,allways looking for the rocket experience,cant stop that either.You can never win the drug war,so legalice the drug and the price will fall,to nothing,those that choose to smoke will grow their own plants,all will be happy.When meeting are called please come and say your piece

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