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Police Officers in a video that has gone viral on social media have been commended for their restraint during an incident at Dennery Sunday morning, when they arrested a man while onlookers questioned their actions.

The controversy appears to have started when a police officer was trying to determine whether a motorbike was legal.

“As we know, we have a problem with bikes coming into Martinique illegally,” Assistant Superintendent of Police, Sean Alexander told St Lucia Times.

Alexander explained that the investigation triggered an incident in which someone who is not a Dennery resident or the owner of the bike, took on the police and started making obscene comments.

He said the man told the police that they would not obtain the bike unless they shot him.

A video recording of the incident showed an agitated crowd at the scene.

“He was not even the owner of the bike. The owner of the bike was calm, complied with all the instructions, produced his documents and the bike was released to the owner,” Alexander told St Lucia Times.

The video recording showed an officer leaving the scene of the agitated crowd and a young man shouting behind him.

The officer then returns with armed backup and they arrest the young mam who puts up some resistance before being placed in handcuffs.

The youth has since been charged with obstructing the police in their duties, using insulting words, resisting arrest and assaulting the police.

The Marc, Bexon resident, has been identified as Kennis Charles, 26.

ASP Alexander, who was recently transferred to Dennery said he was shocked by the reaction of the residents during the incident.

But he explained that he has been told by officers that such a reaction is normally what the law enforcement officials experience when they go out and try to arrest persons in the Dennery area.


  1. Too many ignorant and uneducated persons in that area. Too many young indisciplined girls and boys out there breeding and setting bad examples for their kids. The end result … lawlessness and lack of respect for authority. Good job, police.

  2. The police cannot afford to allow themselves to be intimidated by these thugs otherwise it will be total collapse of the society. I hope this case goes before the court very shortly and the magistrate impose the strictest penalty on this menace to society. .

  3. Police know they are being watched by the public. I can assure you this guy will be brutalized behind close doors…#1 he don’t havev no big family name..or money …or mother that was wkin in a ministry in government…..my poor son..them police will just dance on you ..and you can’t do none about it.

  4. The insults, profanities and hostility meted out to the police officers by these hooligans is scary. These people have completely lost their way. The authorities should meticulously review the video in an attempt to arrest more of these outrageously aggressive antagonists of the police. These people deem to glorify the thug life. Law and order MUST prevail. Kudos to those police officers for not backing down and making the arrest in the face of such vicious verbal attacks and threats to their person.

  5. Thank god that the police kept it calm.These people in Dennery are crazy,they missed out on school,or could not pay for their mail clases.Now lets hope that a judge really nails this young fellow,you cant be such an idiot,Course the people fired up,this young mans show also.Now you going to pay for your stupid act.

  6. The st.lucia police force has alot of swell headed individuals with fire arms they work for the kung puns of the crime world and the publuc knows but cant talk so they doing wat they did there is soo unfortunate they always going about things wrong they take bribes and run the most women

  7. Unknown if you have all that information it would be wise to expose who you know and also man up and expose yourself. We like to talk but we Luke to remain hidden, therefore I give your comments no credence….

  8. To my dear law enforcement officers, first i would like to commend those officers that were on the seine. I have this to say: don’t be intimidated by the public, don’t accept any insult from no one, respect yourselves no matter what, do not take advantage on anyone, charge when need be, arrest when you have to, be honest at all times, and the Lord will see you through!

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