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The leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent, has expressed disappointment in the way the blackmail matter involving government minister, Doctor Ubaldus Raymond, has ended.

Raymond said  this week that he had accepted apologies from two young ladies who were charged with blackmailing him.

He told reporters he is happy that the case is now closed.

Curshaby Alexander and Kershel Louis, who were both 18 at the time, were arrested  in 2017 after nude photos of Raymond were leaked online.

The leader of the LPM told St Lucia Times he believes the way the matter ended sends the wrong message to young women.

“It also says if you are privileged or if you are a member of government or you are part of a ruling party, you don’t have to face any serious charges or any repercussions for whatever happened, which only Ubaldus and the young lady really know what went down,” Prudent declared.

“It also tells me that the Prime Minister himself who promised us that he was going to do his own investigation never had any plans to do any investigation. Up to now we have not heard what the results were supposedly going to be,” he stated.

“We have a situation of an apology and it is all over,” Prudent observed.

He said it sends a very bad signal to every young woman in this country and every present and future minister of government that they can engage in such conduct and not be made to suffer any consequences.

Prudent recalled that from the inception he felt that Prime Minister Allen Chastanet should have asked Doctor Raymond to step aside pending an investigation.

“And based on whatever the results of the investigation were, then we could clearly say ‘He should be reinstated’ or ‘He should not be reinstated’, and I think the Prime Minister – the onus is on him as the leader of our government and the country to have taken a stronger line,” he told St Lucia Times.

Prudent asserted that Chastanet’s attitude seemed to suggest that it was no big deal and because Raymond was a member of the cabinet, everyone would surround him and protect him.


  1. I’m so not disappointed in Prudence’s disappointment. I understand GI council looking for street cleaners. Apply now and make a much bigger impression in SL than you will ever make as a politician.

  2. It’s really sad that St. Lucia is now a place where hooliganism is applauded, immortality is excused and lack of civility is perfectly normal. For a Minister of Government, to expose his genital to a barely legal female and still remain a member of Cabinet is mind boggling. Mr. Chastanet and all his Cabinet colleagues should hang their heads in eternal shame for allowing Ubaldus to sit among them. The man is not even an elected member of government. This is a one term government. They have disfigured just about every sphere of society. The people have to CHANGE the CHANGE.

  3. I very seldom agree with Prudent but on this one I am very much in unison.
    It is an abomination that this immoral scamp was not immediately fired.
    This was an early indication of the lack of character of Chastanet and his Cabinet.
    The biggest hypocrite has to be the one who presents herself as the moral compass talking and pontificating about family and rights. Not a word Not a word.

  4. Enter a word, e.g. “pie”
    the action, treated as a criminal offense, of demanding money from a person in return for not revealing compromising or injurious information about that person.
    “they were acquitted of charges of blackmail”
    synonyms: extortion; More
    demand money from (a person) in return for not revealing compromising or injurious information about that person.
    “trying to blackmail him for $400,000”
    synonyms: extort money from, threaten; informaldemand hush money from
    “he was blackmailing the murderer”

  5. Ubaldus is right Prudent, we are all spectators, waiting to see what next; Well, Ubaldus has chosen not to flood our courts with things that can be solved otherwise. And i say BRAVOOO!

    • Look like we have more sick people outside of mental hospital than we have inside. If you don’t see the immoral thing about what ubladus did you would not be asking Prudent to talk him to court. It’s because people like you live by the same standard you are presently defending. Go get a fricking life !!!!!

  6. There is so much happening in St
    Lucia but we ignorant people are more interested in the scandals. Ubaldus in his capacity is doing a very good job.

  7. This is for those people who cretisizing Ubaldus
    The question is.. were you’ll around when the incident happened were you’ll the cameraman
    You’ll cretisizing something you’ll saw which you’ll can’t provided it’s facts .Stop giving people basket to Carry water when you’ll can’t Carry it you’ll self.
    All you’ll fit for is to Bear faults witness against thy neibhours you’ll are in family of those who crucify Jesus. Relative of JUDAS.

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