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The 26 year old man at the centre of a weekend incident in Dennery that went viral on social media, has been remanded in custody at Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) after appearing in court.

Kennis Charles of Marc, Bexon, was charged with obstructing the police in their duties, using insulting words, resisting arrest and assaulting the police.

He is expected to make another court appearance in Vieux Fort next week.

Charles was seen in a video walking behind a police officer and shouting insults at him.

The officer left the scene where an agitated crowd had gathered, returned with armed backup and Charles was arrested after purring up resistance.

Acting Police Commissioner, Milton Desir, said this week that persons in the crowd were behaving in a lawless manner while the police officer was trying to perform his duties.

However, Desir said he was happy that no one was injured in the incident and he commended the police officers involved for exercising restraint.

It was reported that the controversy started after the police stopped a motorcyclist to obtain information about the bike he was riding and others intervened.



  1. The idiot is in the cage and all who were egging him on sleep in the comfort of their homes. The court has sent the right message that hooliganism has no place in a civilised society. If found guilty of all charges, I honestly hope he gets a lengthy time in prison so that he can soberly reflect on his despicable conduct. Ignorance can be costly.

    • For me this man should not be arrested the insults and curses did not come from him alone and Mr president to have a better reaction clean the police force first clean it up I have seen incidents like this before from your officers they are the law and we are the dogs

  2. Yes he’s remanded…cause he has no big name..money or mother that knows a minister..i am sure this guy was brutalized by them police behind close doors…he will just be a # remand ..sittin thier..for cursin in public as 1 of he’s charges…only in st.lucia..once you don’t have money..remand for you..

    • Surprisingly with a lawyer this guy walks free why ? There was no warrant in the name of the arrested there was no charge read to him he was simply manhandled and placed in a police vehicle if it wasfor insults then the whole crowd should be there but then again insulting someone keep in mind is NOT a physical assault and is not therefore seen as breaking the law

  3. All of url shut up wat bad boy timg with the share Dem police doin d man try to back up wat was going on with the ***** the police do it should be url money or sister the police treating so

  4. If police stop you and ask you for documents? then ask you for documents of the bike you riding?Now you say you have nothing.Who is right and who is wrong?Now people gathering around,bacause they have nothing better to do.Now you get that macho atitude,just because of the crowd,because you have to save face infront of all the people.So now you start insulting police and crowd chearing you on,Now you cant fit in your shoes,you big man ,top of the world.Idiots patting you on your back,calling police everything under the sun If you would have been in New York,you would have been beaten to pulp,even your documents would have cried for mercy.Now you are in the Hotel,and the boys are throwing dice,to see who fixes your exhaust pipe.All because,you decided to confront the law.Those that were chearing you,we have their idiotic faces,and shouts on camera.And i think that the police,needs to check out what kind of stupid specimen,of animals walk around in Dennery.You are an insult and embarrasment to the good people of Dennery.

  5. Officers are you selectively applying the laws since you were the aggrieved party? There are individuals using all manners of obscenities where I am with no such punishment. I once saw a guy swearing non-stop when police asked him to stop doing something. He was not arrested. That’s why you’ll will never have the public respect. The law should be enforced at ALL TIMES.

  6. Public you can see that you’re a jackass,is that the example you want to teach your Children if you have any.The man break the law and regardless of what position you are holding in society, whenever you break the law you should make to pay.The fool who disobey the Officer’s direcrives and rode the bike away he too should have been at Bordelais,likewise all the other holligans,we have no place for such behavior in a civilized society.

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