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In the aftermath of a weekend incident at Dennery involving police officers and residents who were accused of obstructing  law enforcement officers, the President of the Police Welfare Association (PWA), Travis Chicot, has asserted that it is time to beef up community policing.

“I think it is a very important time for us to restrategise, to really look at beefing up our community policing – how we infiltrate communities in terms of going inside of there not only for crime reduction, but for a number of other police opportunities the police can have in dealing with situations,” Chicot observed.

He was a guest on Wednesday’s edition of RCI’s Newsspin.

As a result of the Dennery incident, part of which was recorded and went viral after being posted on social media, a 26 year old male from Marc, Bexon,  was arrested and was remanded in custody at Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) when he appeared in court.

The man, identified as Kennis Charles, had initially put up resistance as an agitated crowd gathered, with some persons being very vocal in criticising the police.

Charles had earlier been shown walking behind a police officer while shouting insults at the law enforcement official.

The officer, who had been exchanging words with Charles, left, returned with armed backup and arrested him.

Charles was charged with obstructing the police in their duties, using insulting words, resisting arrest and assaulting the police.

“I believe it is a situation that can be solved. I think that as a police force what is important at this point is for us to go down to the community, have some conversations with those young men, speak to them even while the matter is within the courts,” the PWA President stated.

Chicot suggested that high ranking police officers could go to Dennery to explain to young men that they stand to gain nothing by behaving in an unlawful manner.

“I don’t think all is lost for us, but it is a good opportunity for us as an organisation to work with the community to see how best we can deal with situations,” he observed.

He suggested that if it is believed that in some communities the police approach is weak, it can be strengthened.

“It is a clear indication  that there is a lack of guidance and if the police are in the community they should take the opportunity to guide those young men in moving forward,” the PWA President said.



  1. Where is the Minister of National Security? He is thunderously silent. This man needs to go home as he brings nothing substantive to the police organization. Here is an ideal opportunity for him to show his worth and he has dropped the ball. He was so quick to pounce on the female police officer because he got his overly inflated ego bruised. When your police officers are under assault, the Minister should make it crystal clear that the full resources of the State will be used to protect the police in the execution of their duties. Community policing is key in any Police Force to win over the support of the people. This MUST be done as a matter of urgency. This is where the National Security Minister should throw his weight and show his worth.

  2. Dennery is just a cesspool of ignorance and uneducation. Parents do not set examples for their children, but then again, the parents are children themselves. Loitering and fleecing is a pastime: congregating in gangs is commonplace. Even the police is a law unto themselves, especially in the La Pointe area where lawlessness is the order of the day and the police, rather than correct that, contribute to it with their lawless parking and even socializing with persons in the area whilst they are committing offenses.

  3. I only meant some, not all.
    You see, our young boys and girls alike, over the years has developed bad behaviors that has escalated to lawlessness, unmannerly, disrespectful you name the negatives. What are they gaining from that at the end of the day? Of course, they get themselves entangle with the law, been convicted, then send to (BCF,) and later become criminals, because they haven’t learnt nothing in the process; Community policing, yes, workshops, sporting activities etc. And of course keep monitoring them, so that they will practice what was taught, knowing full well that you can take a cow to the river, but you can’t force it to drink. The authorities need to put measures in place to facilitate such programs. So that our youngsters will be back on track, even our minister of national security can be a coach in different sporting disciplines, yes Sir you can! Our youngsters need direction, they have no role models, look at them on our streets, the way they are dressed, the way they walk, their language’s, the song they sing(the lyrics.) In fact, all is wrong with them, division, hatred and all has taken toll of them. Somebody please lend a hand!

  4. Lack of education,is every were,even in the force,at times.But our people,need to respect the uniform,and the people wearing it,they are the custodians and arm of the law.If you choose to go against them,you are going against the laws of a organiced society.You become an outlaw.Pick your choice.

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