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Press Release:-  The Saint Lucia Labour Party will kick off its 2018 Conference of Delegates on Sunday 14 October at 3.00 p.m. at the Laborie Boys School, under the theme: Mobilize, Organise, Consolidate.

In addition to delegates from the seventeen constituencies, the Labour Party Women’s Organization and the Labour Party Youth Organisation, the Open Session is open to all supporters and well-wishers. The Media is also invited to attend and cover the Open Session.

The Feature Address at the SLP 2018 Conference will be delivered by University of the West Indies (UWI) Lecturer, Saint Lucian, Dr. Tennyson Joseph.

Labour’s experienced and trustworthy Leader, Hon Philip J. Pierre will deliver the annual Political Leader’s policy address to Conference during which he is expected to speak on the country’s unstable economic situation and define a pathway to progress for the nation.

The Conference will continue on Sunday 21 October with the Closed Session at Fond St. Jacques where internal Party business will be dealt with.


  1. Open day for party hacks,dont expect to go there,with all your intelect and question,the kings horses.they fly you out of the door,how dare you?The day old dinasour die,we bury in Trinidad,the stench will be unbearable.

  2. Politicians say the right things in opposition. Given a change to govern they fail the people miserably. The present Chastanet administration is a perfect example. Politicians are really good at opposing but clueless at governing. Both of the major political parties have done nothing much for the people to repose their confidence in them. The members of both political parties become inebriated once they attain power. The people then become an afterthought as the Ministers are too busy feathering their own nests. Their words in opposition and their actions in government are diametrically opposite. However, my opinion is, because of its monumental moral failings (Ubaldus affair) and the general disaffection in the country ( health care workers, police, teachers, custom officers, etc.), this present administration offers no hope. They have to go.

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