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Press Release:–  The cultural Chinese city of Zengzhou unveiled “Circle of Life” on September 29th, a 10 foot sculptured work designed and constructed by Saint Lucian Jallim Eudovic. Eudovic is one of the best Caribbean sculptors to have emerged in contemporary times, and arguably ranks among the world’s top tier sculptors today.

The piece was selected through a competitive bid issued by the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government in 2017. The outcome of the process would be the unveiling of an open green eco-art museum within the Zhengzhou Sculpture Park which is located in China’s Central Plains region and set against a backdrop of natural vistas dominated by rivers and mountains.

The search sought to locate works which aptly interpret the symbiosis between man and nature and the importance of that inter-dependence for ecological harmony. This facilitates the objectives of Zhengzhou’s urban culture development programme which seeks to integrate art into public life “and make it participate in the construction and development of the city, and represent the contemporary values the city’s culture”.

Eudovic’s work was selected out of a submission pool of 2154 works from 1149 artists from 56 countries. After three rounds of judging, 47 pieces made the cut, with 34 places awarded to Chinese nationals and 13 to international artists.

In addition the artistic merits, the clean contemporary lines of the work and the rationale proposed by Eudovic for “Circle of Life” was deemed highly responsive to the theme of ecological balance and for its sensitivity to the geographical environment, historical status and humanistic spirit of the Central Plains region. The rationale proposes that “Life exists in cycles and each cycle gives birth to another. However, the ecosystem which makes existence possible is the most vital and fragile cycle that must be protected at all cost. We must play our role in sustaining the ecological balance that is needed to keep our ecosystem healthy and construct a new way forward before it’s too late”.

“Circle of Life” brings to seven, the number of public art works by Eudovic in China today. His other works in China have been established predominantly through competitive bidding within an international pool of contenders.

Jallim Eudovic’s relationship with the Chinese government began in 2008, when he was commissioned to create a monumental bronze sculpture for the Changchun International Sculpture Park , the world’s biggest sculpture park. His sculpture “Nature” was so impressive that the Park Directors commissioned the creation of a second work for Changchun Urban Sculpture Museum, China’s largest urban sculpture museum. Eudovic was again selected  by the Changchun Automotive Park to create two monumental sculpture –“Play Car” and “ Steering”  dedicated to celebrating the automobile from past to present. His other displayed public art monuments in that country are titled “Leap” for the Changchun China Hi- Tech Sculpture Park, “People of the Sea” for the city of Fuzhou, “Mother River and Child” for the Changchun China Urban Park and “Mummy I want ice-cream”, Changchun China Urban Museum.

Eudovic’s work has also been displayed in  major exhibitions in Paris, New York, Ottawa, Africa, Martinique and England.  


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