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Updated on July 9, 2020 2:52 pm
Updated on July 9, 2020 2:52 pm
Updated on July 9, 2020 2:52 pm

2020 Saint Lucia Jazz Festival Lineup Announced

Press Release:- At the 2020 Jazz Congress conference held at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on January 13, Saint Lucia Tourism Authority and Jazz at Lincoln Center announced the official dates and artist lineup for the 2020 Saint Lucia Jazz Festival Produced in Collaboration with Jazz at Lincoln Center.

The festival, to be held in Saint Lucia on Thursday, May 7 through Saturday, May 9, 2020, follows the success of the inaugural 2019 Saint Lucia Jazz Festival Produced in Collaboration with Jazz at Lincoln Center which Jazziz magazine called “the Caribbean’s premier jazz destination.”

The 2020 Saint Lucia Jazz Festival Produced in Collaboration with Jazz at Lincoln Center will feature the finest names in modern jazz performing in venues throughout Saint Lucia’s distinct Caribbean landscape, including The Ramp on Rodney Bay and Gros Islet Park. Details about performances and more can be found at

The three-day festival will feature world renowned artists who have performed on Jazz at Lincoln Center’s season concerts, touring initiatives, and global outposts, as well as throughout Saint Lucia Jazz Festival’s 28-year history.

To date, the diverse lineup showcases artists spanning the Caribbean, the U.K. and the U.S. including:

Chick Corea’s Vigilette with Carlitos Del Puerto,Marcus Gilmore and Special Guest

Roy Hargrove Celebration with Willie Jones III featuring Renée Neufville and Special Guest

Alphonso Horne and The Gotham Kings Ruben Fox’s London Brass featuring Theon Cross and Mark Kavuma

Maher Beauroy presents WASHA!

More performances, details about ticket sales and event information to be announced.

In addition to world-class performances, the 2020 Saint Lucia Jazz Festival will feature “Artists In Education” initiatives including master classes, professional development, and live performance collaborations with Saint Lucia School of Music students and local jazz artists.

“Building upon last year’s successful inaugural year of the partnership with Jazz at Lincoln Center, the 2020 Saint Lucia Jazz Festival is a combination of premier jazz with a picture-perfect destination,” said Hon. Minister of Tourism Dominic Fedee.

“Saint Lucia is thrilled to once again bring world-class performances to jazz fans and music aficionados who will travel to Saint Lucia from around the globe.”

Saint Lucia has been hosting a vibrant jazz festival annually since 1992.

For more than 28 years, the festival has attracted visitors from around the world for events and concerts celebrating multiple forms of international, Saint Lucian and Caribbean jazz music


  1. Would like to see Tykio Myers from London, somentime in the future. Looking forward to the lineup.

  2. Boringg!!!, ill be skipping jazz this year by the looks of it. Not a single recognizable name .

    • Do you listen to jazz to know any name? What were you waiting to hear? Boy Boy, Prince swany, Raygin King and them other fools?

  3. The UWP Government has killed The St. Lucia Jazz Festival. Thats one more reason to kick them out in 2021.

  4. SLP killed the banana industry so wats wrong with Uwp killing Jazz. Once things not going you a millibugs way u all hv a problem..nothing stays the same pal

    • You idiot so you’re saying it’s OK for government to come in and messup the country once the previous admin did wrong. Wow no wonder we’re in the state we’re in. Chass was right to call u all Jack asses.

  5. 3 days of Jazz’s? Why would I spend so much money to come home for 3 days for such a boring lineup? Please bring the fun and excitement back to Jazz’s again. Even though Kassav is not really about Jazz’s-but people would pay a lot of money to fly home to come listen to them.

  6. The folks at Tourism need to fix or update the website. The bulletin in the public domain is asking for referral to for more information. There is nothing there about the itinerary. Who knows how many fruitless searches have been conducted,?

  7. Slp kill bananas , but Compton had already sell his plantation….some Lucians need a serious Lolo befff lash in they ass

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