Wednesday, October 5, 2022

2022 Saint Lucia Census Goes Green

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For the first time in Saint Lucia’s history, a National Census will Go Green- meaning it will be a totally paperless exercise.

The 2022 National Housing and Population Census, starting May 17th,will be conducted by over 500 enumerators using tablets instead of paper.

All the information and data gathered will be uploaded to the Cloud as soon as it is completed, making the process even more efficient.

In every sense, the 2022 Census is contributing towards a greener world. And so, it is fitting that a colour was chosen for “GREEN DAY” on May 13th , to help promote the 2022 National Housing and Population Census.

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Director of Statistics Sean C. Mathurin says that “on May 13th , GREEN DAY – everyone will be urged to wear green and to encourage friends, neighbours, and colleagues to play their part in ensuring that there is full community support and participation in the 2022 National Housing and Population Census”.

Prior to that the Central Statistical Office will stage a road show around the island on Saturday May 7th , 2022, encouraging residents around the island to express support for the National Census which will be starting May 17th , 2022.

All town and village councils, sports clubs, church groups and community groups are asked to encourage participation in the 2022 National Housing and Population Census 2022.

The theme this year is “Konté Sent Lisi – The Future is Counting on You”.

Source: Central Statistical Office

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  1. While you guys talking frustrations, let me suggest some ‘Blue Pills’ & a good shot of Scotch. Now, they say “making the process more efficient” but as far as the result of the last elections, assuming no machines, but dark money and lots of it, the introduction of modern Toys in the game that men play, reminds me of the George Bush Jn. Presidential Elections for the returns of the State of Florida to help put him at the top – talk of hanging chads – he won, Sadam was hanged, Bagdad was Bombed to oblivion, who wants St. Lucia to turn into a little Haiti, they are watching you, the U.K. the U.S. and the walking dead Eastern Caribbean States with their hands outstretched. It is not the machines but the gimmicks behind the scenes, not all but some of them. We are at the cross Roads of doing somewhat good, but don’t be naive, the devil is always around to mess things up; be gentle as a Dove but be wise as a Serpent; the Lord is watching.

  2. Please with your high level of ignorance. My eyes are tired of your small letters starting off a sentence. Place the correct punctuation marks too. At least edit before you post.

    Have a good day G.W. Ohh your initials should be capitalized too.

  3. i hope i am not home when they come i really hate when these people come at your home asking you mizi questions chewps

    • It’s just ennumerators. They’re here to ensure that the population census happens, enabling st lucia to be seen as higher-standard and more developed from the other Caribbean Islands.

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