24-Hour Patrols, Drones Proposed To Fight Vieux Fort Gun Violence

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Former National Security Minister Hermangild Francis has suggested round-the-clock police patrols and drones to combat a wave of gun violence in Vieux Fort.

Noting a recent police operation in the community, Francis said such initiatives must be sustained.

He spoke Wednesday night during the DBS Television programme ‘Newsmaker Live‘, amid several fatal shootings in the Southern town and this week’s indiscriminate gunfire, blamed on rival gangs.

No one sustained injuries in the latest incident, but stray bullets damaged private property.

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While rejecting the imposition of a state of emergency in Vieux Fort, Hermangild Francis said he would instead beef up the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

“Make sure police officers are patrolling 24/7. You look for drones- get the drones up in the air and the drones will identify where the shootings are coming from and your police officers move in very quickly,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner expressed.

“And if they have to use deadly force, use it,” Francis asserted.

He also advocated the use of the K-9 unit.

In the long-term, the former Minister noted the need to examine the education system, provide training and job opportunities for young men, and look at housing in Vieux Fort.

“Anywhere you see depressed housing, you call it the ghettoes – the people don’t like it but it’s a fact, as long as the housing is depressed, you will find crime,” he declared.


Headline photo: Police on patrol (Stock image)

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  1. It is written :
    As surely as I live, “says the LORD
    ‘every knee will bow before me ;
    every tongue will confess to God”.
    Hear now, O Israël 🇱🇨 ians
    The decrees and laws of God, what God commands us to do.
    Do not add to it or subtract from it, let us follow them so that we may live.
    Acknowledge and take it to ❤️ heart this day that the LORD is God in heaven above and on earth below.
    There is no other. Keep his decrees and commands, so that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land the LORD your God gives you for all time.

  2. Hahaha what a hyprocite. Mate was in charge for 5 yrs and just sat there eating taxpayers money doing scont. He got the title for the “worst National Security Minister” ever in the history of SLU but now he has the most to say. He sat there as he watch them cut fundings to the police force, he watch the crime rate escalated, never had a plan for crime but now he got his thinking cap back. Irrelevant trying to be relevant.

  3. Last night endless shots bursting like is fireworks in town because Jesus got buried not one sign of police but is shanty town the police want to come and open fire and burst wild shots like is Texas they is or like in a western movie

  4. 20 bicycle cops riding around the town terrorizing legal drivers and harassing school girls ….. they talk tough and are very disrespectful …. Send them to Viewfort to fight crime .

  5. Drones? Sounds fancy,I’m guessing they’re waiting for either Taiwan or some other nation to donate those drones (as usual)…Whatever happened to the speed radars promised over a decade ago?…Don’t hold your breath for these drones folks,after the country already (never have money) you think these fellars will put drones for VF of all places with young fellars killing each other? Ha, let’s wait & see!!!

  6. All these corruption and non aiding senior cops because of promotions due to qualifications didnt come overnight or new to you HGF SO why only now u out of power u disclosing it and options to rectify it…smh…..u all not ready yet…

  7. Only now u all see the problem in the force and the new moves you all need ….whwn ubwere there where was these options

  8. Muhtair, Bolo Byron. The things going on in VF was not going on 5 years ago. Las muhtee. Y’all letting color and politics blind y’all.

  9. Make it law that if caught in possession of an illegal firearm the perpetrators will be executed with the same firearm and then destroyed.

  10. I am concerned about the legal ramifications of the deployment of drones. I wonder whether the former minister researched the potential infringement on personal privacy. He should not just try to score political points. We need a police substation in the Bruceville area to provide constant surveillance and quick response. We need more than the police and elected officials to reduce the gun violence. The community and business leaders should be frequently present in those areas talking to and engaging the young people.The young people need an alternative to gun violence and gang activity.

  11. The police and residents know who the criminals and gangs that are terrorizing the community. VFort is too small for someone not to know who. We do not need round the clock police patrols. Take them out it has to come to this.

  12. boy francis i know if you was still there you would be on these scumbags tail like a tick, no rest for them criminals. What ever happened to the city police? i not seeing them in town again the new mayor remove them? i was not putting out in the news how to fight the criminals i would let them do their thing and then do what needs to be done to catch them red handed, now they hear there will have drone they going to go and hide

  13. There should be consistent patrols in the hot areas. Criminals should not be given a chance to breath. We have so many police vehicles being used for unimportant things.

  14. Sad to say, though these points raised by Hermangild are valid , but where was he 5 years ago? Crime was similar under his portfolio and he did not do a shate. All you UWPS, cannot say anything to this present regime. So please keep quiet


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