Saturday, February 29, 2020

267 Local Stray Dogs Exported To North America To Date

267 Saint Lucia stray dogs have been adopted by families in North America since May, 2016, officials of the Bruno Project have disclosed.

Four animals left the Island Wednesday.

The Bruno project has partnered with the Saint Lucia Animal Protection Society (SLAPS) to find homes for the animals.

Most of the dogs that have been sent to abroad have been from SLAPS shelters, St Lucia Times was informed.

Adoption fees help cover costs associated with paying the air fare for the animals and caring here for them.

This includes providing food, and, in the case of dogs which become sick, medication.

The adoption fee for an adult dog is $375 (Canadian) and for a puppy, $450, it was reported.

The dogs are put into crates – some six to eight animals per crate, before being put on an aircraft.

According to the Bruno Project, the animals are usually accompanied by North Americans who come to Saint Lucia on vacation and are willing to volunteer to take responsibility for the dogs.

Some of the animals are sent unaccompanied and are met at their final destination by members of the families overseas who have adopted them.

The Bruno Project is a non-profit organization that finds foreign homes for homeless dogs in Saint Lucia in a bid to help reduce the number of stray animals on the streets.



  1. Too bad not more efforts would be made in neutering the stray dogs, in order to prevent the strays in first place. Sending 200 plus dogs isn’t slowing the breeding any. Or at least not enough .

    • Last year, and this year there was a huge spay and neuter campaign …. unfortunately you missed it!!

  2. yeah right. our black people have no idea. these dogs are used in breeding. and these breeding places are horrible. so i would not celebrate if i were you all. when has whitey ever done something that is not self serving? remember slavery? who took part in it for their own gains? so what make you all think whitey want to save you all dogs? grow some sense its not too late. this programme should be scrapped. the dogs should be neutered on the beaches and elsewhere by lucians. if they care about the dogs so much let them pay for the service of neutering them. you all think they easy dem people? anyway for those of us who know them we know betterl

    • You have no sense and are just making stuff in you’re to justify your ignorance. Nobody would want to breed a dog that wasn’t a pure breed? Those dogs getting adopted are basically mutts. Nobody wants them.. that why they are stays… Duh

  3. Whoever “Cart” is, you are one ******* ******. Us whites taking responsibility for your neglect and you scorn and question our motives? What is worg with you? Evolution has passed you by.

    White animal lover

  4. Stop kicking, swearing at, starving,shouting mssh at you dogs. You are the cause of them becoming stray and you critize those who really care as to cover your shame after neglecting those poor dogs. As a man thinketh so is he. How sure are you that not only whites purchase these dogs? Before we engage our mouths to speak negatively about any situation, get facts and think positive. Who will confront the the founder and members of the project to object and deny this issue? Sorry I don’t want to sound disrespectful and judgementally. But SHUT UP………. Be an advocate of positivity, you only speak out of envy and jealousy, and only because there is a price on the animals you so maltreated. Hypocrite! Love and care for your dogs and the availability of stray dogs will cease to exist. Love surround!.

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