29 Saint Lucians Awarded Scholarships In Taiwan

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Twenty-nine Saint Lucians were on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, awarded scholarships to study in Taiwan.

Among them are nine MOFA Scholarship awardees, eleven ICDF Scholarship awardees, and nine Taiwan Medical Scholarship awardees.

The 2022 Taiwan Scholarship Awarding Ceremony was held jointly by the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Ministry of Education, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Science, Technology, and Vocational Training, at the Orchid Centre, Union.

The awardees will undertake studies in Taiwan in areas such as Graphic Art and Communication, Tropical Agriculture, International Health, Civil Engineering, Medicine, to name a few.

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Following is a list of the nine awardees of the 2022 MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Scholarships:

  • Ky’iana Theresa Annika Danelle Rock
  • Brittney Lania Emmanuel
  • Kayzann Emelda Joseph
  • Trisa Gibessa Simon
  • Kersha Tanya Etienne
  • Joi Isoke Kaleen Sandiford
  • Sjodin Deja Q’obi Charles
  • Ajani Davon Francis
  • Xena Monique Sifflet

Following is a list of the eleven awardees of the 2022 ICDF Scholarships:

  • Lynell Lloyd
  • Darlene Kelian Victorine Barthelmy
  • Ayana Viquelle Danyella Boodha
  • Sydney Anthony Bailey
  • Dewayne Zedan Henry
  • Shaquain Othneal Longville
  • Kebah Mali Crafton
  • Lisa Gidharry
  • Thea Nicholla Everilla Benjamin
  • Trisha Janelle Lionel
  • Creselma Hippolyte

Following is a list of the nine awardees of the 2022 MOFA Taiwan Medical Scholarships:

  • Abigail Chinyere Dagbue
  • Tanisha Chelsea William
  • Chloe Nisha Jones
  • Roxanne Jn. Baptiste
  • Tasha Verna Mathurin
  • Kennitha Rhesa Alexander
  • Keia Bennetta Hippolyte
  • Kendra Amy Nola Gustave
  • Denzel Damian Joseph

Speaking at Tuesday’s scholarship awards ceremony, His Excellency Peter Chia-yen Chen, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Saint Lucia, told the awardees to use the opportunity to improve their professional skills and explore and experience Taiwan’s culture. He also encouraged them to be thankful to those who made it all possible.

“It is an exciting and enjoyable moment and also a moment of glory,” Ambassador Chen said. “Not only are you scholarship recipients, but also you represent the profound friendship between Taiwan and Saint Lucia. It is also a moment for you to cherish those who gave you opportunities and assistance, including your parents, your teachers, officials of the Ministry of Education, and also my colleagues Ms. Chang and Mrs. Frederick, who made a lot of effort to assist you.”

Hon. Shawn Edward, Minister for Education, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, thanked the Government of Taiwan for its continued support of Saint Lucia’s development, even as Saint Lucia and the rest of the world deal with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In spite of making their own national domestic adjustments, (Taiwan) still were able to find resources to make scholarships available to the young people of Saint Lucia,” Hon. Edward stated. “This is something we appreciate sincerely, Ambassador. For us, it has a lot of significance as a government.”

Hon. Edward also had some words of encouragement for the awardees: “Make the most of the opportunity (and) value it for what it is. When you leave Saint Lucia and you land in Taiwan, you are more than a student — you are an ambassador. Everything you do, everywhere you sit, is, in part, a reflection of the people of Saint Lucia. Conduct yourselves admirably.”

Michelle Charles, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, thanked the Taiwanese Embassy for their continued investment in the people of Saint Lucia.

“It is interventions such as these that really impact the lives and contribute to the betterment in our standard of living and further contributing to our economic development of our small island,” she said.

Hon. Dr. Pauline Antoine-Prospere, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, urged the students to always give of their best as they undertake their new educational journey.

“I urge you to take responsibility for the opportunity that so many other Saint Lucian students would have relished,” Hon. Dr. Antoine-Prospere said. “Perform at your best. If you do your best, all of us will be happy. If you do your best, you will be happy. If you do your best, you will do well. Be cognizant that there will be challenges.”

This year, 143 Saint Lucians applied for the scholarships and 29 students were awarded. They are following in the footsteps of other Saint Lucian students who have finished their studies in Taiwan.

The Embassy congratulates all the Scholarship Awardees and wishes them every success in their endeavors.

SOURCE: Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

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  1. Where are the boys? There is a wider systemic problem that needs to be addressed. Our boys are being left behind.

    I am happy for wider access to higher education for all but it must be balanced. The intervention needs to start from as early as preschool for the boys.

  2. @Toto the young lady was once and island scholar so what happen if she gets a scholarship again to go further herself.
    You should be pleased for ppl and not be jealous. Rubbish

  3. Excellent….but now the government must create jobs for those highly trained individuals….that is the only way to move St Lucia forward but employing these brilliant minds in the service of Saint Lucia. We need to diversify the economy and pivot away from tourism a bit…we should stop limiting ourselves as a nation.

  4. All this and when the time comes they cannot use their education and skills in St Lucia. Many have to go abroad and find work. Everyone wants an education yet we are still not progressing the way we should. There are many graduates that cannot find a job here after 3 years to serve their country and people expect recognition when getting scholarships.

  5. Oh yes see Trisha Lionel get her payback. I hope if China invade she will not say blame Chastanet and say ” I cannot breathe”

      • Jeez. Educate yourself before you speak. Trisha Lionel got the scholarship NOT TRESHA. That’s a different person idiot.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble but WRONG PERSON. There’s a difference between TRESHA LIONEL and TRISHA LIONEL. These are two completely different people so stop looking for EVERY opportunity to involve politics. Does Chastenet know YOU? Maybe you should look for a scholarship too or are your part of the 43%? Y’all just talk uselessly and end up EMBARRASSING yourselves.


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