311 COVID-19 Hotline Jammed By ‘Unnecessary Calls’

Saint Lucia’s 311 COVID-19 hotline has been jammed by unnecessary calls, Director of the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), Dorine Gustave has disclosed.

The government of Saint Lucia set up the hotline to respond to questions from citizens regarding Coronavirus, including where they can access services and care.

But the Director of NEMO told reporters Thursday morning that the 311 lines were jammed because people were calling for ‘all sorts of things.’

Dorine Gustave – Director of NEMO

“People were calling just to find out if it’s working,” Gustave observed.

She said others were calling to inquire about matters that had nothing to do with why the authorities set up the 311 line.

“We are asking people to please work with us. We are trying to get things moving as smoothly as possible,” the NEMO Director stated as her organisation began distributing care packages to the vulnerable and needy, amid the current 24-hour curfew.

Care packages for distribution

She explained that persons in need of the supplies are the ones who are supposed to call the 311 line.

“We are asking persons to please – allow these persons to access the lines so they can access the service we have in place for them,” Gustave appealed.

NEMO is the leading unit for the provision of relief packages to the vulnerable island wide.



  1. Bravo πŸ‘ my St.Lucians you all are the only ones that complain about everything no other country complaining but St.lucians is the only one ☝️ complain and the other country have it worse than us look πŸ‘€ at Trinidad πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ή Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡² they don’t complain at all they just shout their mouth and take it people die every where please stop πŸ›‘ the stupidness please pray and ask god to help us

  2. We don’t have enough help to control the panic!!
    It’s a phenomenon..
    Let’s stop blaming each other and work together as we should.. Most of us are over 50 ,! we should be able to understand the evolution we are in..
    A time to be focused on the evolution..
    For those who are able, keep a journal, and Read your journals in three years from now..
    My observations??

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