350 Families To Benefit From Sandals Food Vouchers

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On Wednesday, December 15, Sandals Foundation will donate $35,000 in food vouchers to 350 families for Christmas.

The Foundation says the donation speaks directly to its community focus, building lives and enriching people in Saint Lucia and across the Caribbean.

Community leaders have received invitations to attend Wednesday’s ceremony at Sandals Halcyon Beach – Kelly’s Dockside from 11:00 a.m. to accept the vouchers on behalf of families across Saint Lucia, including Gros Islet, Castries, Anse La Raye, and Canaries.

Last year the Sandals Foundation presented 214 food vouchers worth $100 each to several families during the festive season.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. 👉Consider therefore the kindness and sterness of God :
    Indeed ! Sterness of God to those who are in need -but kindness to you,provide that you continue in his kindness.
    Share with God’s people who are in need . Practice hospitality :And be careful ! To do what is right in the eyes of everybody ; for love does not reject and harm it’s employees .

    👉 For this very reason ,
    You have ‘deprived’them from gaining thier allowances which was the only source of income to maintain and nourish their familles .
    Were them enemies on your account by not accepting the ‘deadly’man jabs vaccine ?
    Now , having them under great stress,oppress,anxiety, affliction and more !
    Having them experiencing a haddening in finances and employment ?ls this fair ?

    The groans of the employees have rise to God
    For wee will all stand before God’s Judgement seat .lt is written :
    ” ‘As surely as I live,’ says the LORD,
    every knee will bow before me ;
    every tongue will confess to God’ ”.
    👉So then, each of us will give (an account of himself to God ).

  2. “The foundation says the donation speaks directly to it’s community focus building lives and enriching people in St Lucia and across the Caribbean.” Say no more Sandals, say no more, well done always giving back. It’s the Festive Season which hotel in St Lucia giving away anything for the holidays ?? NONE ! Not even Bay Gardens.

  3. This is rather small compare to the 24 millions Chastanet gave them. This 24 million would have done well for us today. Minova Ward, what do you think?

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