Friday, January 24, 2020

364 derelict vehicles to be removed from St. Lucia roads

The St. Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority in collaboration with the Environmental Health Division in the Ministry of Health and Wellness has embarked on the removal of 364 derelict vehicles from the islands roadways.

81 vehicles or 29% have since been removed.

A call is being made for greater participation and cooperation from vehicle owners.

Zonal Officer with the St. Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority, Davis Mathurin, has said that on a month to month basis  the goal is to remove at least between 18 – 20 vehicles every month.

“I know it’s going to take a while but we are at least urging the public to meet us half way. The ministry is doing the public education part.  The Environmental Department, the Vector Division, Solid Waste is also doing their part in terms of removing the vehicles, so we’re urging the public to be aware. Be more conscious of your surroundings, be aware that there is a lot of work being done by the various agencies and as individuals you can at least play your part,”  Mathurin stated.

Under the Waste Management Act Section 38 of 2004, an authorized officer may at any time without giving any notice remove the derelict vehicle, white goods or any other kind of scrap metal left or caused to be left and may recover from the owner thereof the expenses reasonably incurred in connection with such removal.  However despite the provisions under the law officials are appealing for cooperation from the public.

“The individuals especially if they’re planning to do some work on their vehicles, we also encourage them that when you’re done doing the work on the vehicles, within a timely manner your responsibility is to at least transport the derelicts to the landfill. Do not leave them on the road side. In most cases when you try to find the owners it’s always a difficulty until the day the vehicle is being removed and then there is always an issue,” Mathurin explained.

Environmental Health Officer, Charletta Charles said abandoned vehicles create  active or potential breeding sites for vectors such as rats and mosquitoes which are responsible for the spread of diseases such as leptospirosis,  dengue, chikungunya and zika.

“What we want to do is to encourage persons if you have a vehicle which is no longer of use for you that you need to get rid of it appropriately and not inappropriately. What is does is it creates other environmental spill offs which can affect the larger community on a whole. So we’re just hoping that the community realizes negative impact that abandoned vehicles can have on our health and that they would take the necessary steps to get rid of not just the abandoned vehicles but overall their garbage responsibly,” the Environmental Health official said.


  1. And how many of these derelict vehicles are the remains of stolen and scrapped cars which could be of forensic value to the police?

  2. Yes lets clean the country,to many stolen vehicles set on fire on the sides of the road.To many,self made mechanics that think the roads are their work shop.If you cant keep your scrap on your land?you should not have it.Put a sticker on the vehicle,give the owner some days,if he dosent comply,just take it.
    Some people are to unrully,this operation is nothing new.

  3. So there are laws prohibiting that yet the authorities allowed it to get so bad. They should all be fired.

    • The Authorities allowed it to get so bad? While we as a nation sit aound like school children who dirty up the yard and let the janitors clean up after us rather than take it on our own to ensure our surroundings are left clean! Nobody have to tell you to clean your house yet you want to let the Govenment clean up yourll saloptay! YOURLL HAVE NO BROUGHTUPSY!!!

      • Tricia you’re saying I should hire a wrecker to pick up somebody’s derelict vehicle? Taxpayers are paying the Government to do a job. Or did you forget why you pay taxes? You’ll have no intelligence.

  4. Some rules, we never enacted ?,tinted windows,specially on our minibuses,the same for cars.loud music in minibuses,boom boxes.People traveling on the back of pick up trucks,and other trucks..Just some I can think of right now

  5. There is a dumpsite Entrepot (just uphill of the court) with atleast 4 derelict vehicles, old asbestos tanks, old oil drums, old barrels, old boats, old galvanize (hurricane projectiles)- it is literally a dumpsite in the middle of the city. The community has tried for over 5 years to for the least clean it up in a way that would not attract those vectors nor pose a threat to during high wind events. The feedback from the Authorities- Mayors Office, Ministry of Health, Development Control has been ZERO!!!! We are at a point now that we are considering taking the above mentioned agencies to court because our rights are being infringed upon. There are laws to be enforced; Section 38 of the 2004 Waste Management ACT gives the power to act swiftly to address such issues and ” up to now”, nothing has been done.

    • It is not the Authorities “dirtying up the place”. If your neighbours took pride in their surroundings then the situation would not persist. I believe that it is high time we need to come together and attack those persons who keep our surroundings nasty rather than watch them do it and wait for the “Authorities” to clean up the mess!

    • Good luck with that George. True story, the CCC demolished the garbage chute on Jeremie Street in an effort to uplift the city for the tourists. You know where they now dump that garbage? In the CDC. In a place where hundreds of people live. Right smack in the middle of their parking lot. All commercial waste, all filth and debris from the drains picked up by their cleaners. The place stinks now. Crack heads make it their home, dogs and rats are routinely in there. Courtesy of Mayor Francis.

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