50 Saint Lucians Graduate From Farmer Training Programme

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Fifty Saint Lucians graduated on May 24 from the first training programme under the second term of the “Enhancement of the Efficiency of Production-Distribution Chain of Fruit and Vegetable Sector in Saint Lucia” project.

During the graduation ceremony held at Union, H.E. Peter Chia-yen Chen, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Saint Lucia, commended the graduates for successfully completing their training.

“According to statistics, Saint Lucia spends millions of dollars importing fruits and vegetables,” Ambassador Chen stated.

“We can make a difference if more people can purchase more locally instead of buying from overseas, especially from your farms.”

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He added that, “The Governments of Taiwan and Saint Lucia recognized that and have come together to work together to promote local produce, diversify, and increase the domestic production, which comprise the goals of our project as part of the effort to promote food security.”

Ambassador Chen thanked Hon. Alfred Prospere, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food
Security and Rural Development, for his continued support. He also thanked the team from the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM), Ministry of Agriculture, and local farmers.

Ambassador Chen noted that they have all weathered the unprecedented heat during COVID-19 pandemic to pursue better and more resilient food systems. He also encouraged other Saint Lucian farmers join future workshops and become empowered by the programme.

Hon. Prospere thanked the Government of Taiwan for their continued generosity to Saint Lucia, while expressing his excitement about the graduation exercise.

“I am excited because I am seeing the future for the agricultural sector,” he said. “I am seeing a future that will help us address our food security problems…Food security is very serious business. We cannot afford to take this subject lightly.”

During the graduation ceremony, some of the graduates shared their personal experiences while undergoing the training, noting that they are now better farmers.

They all thanked the Governments of Taiwan and Saint Lucia for the opportunity to learn more about the agricultural sector.

Source: Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

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  1. So we now have better farmers thanks mainly to the Taiwanese Government. Am I to understand that the Ministry of Agriculture which is staffed by highly qualified/certified officers was unable to provide that training. Are we a serious nation? What exactly have the Taiwanese done to make us better farmers? Are there new crops on the planet that are unknown to the officers at our Department of Agriculture despite the various degrees/certificates of accomplishment they hold. If the officers of the Department of Agriculture are unable to train young farmers, perhaps it will make more sense to send these certificated officers home where they can best enjoy their laziness without the benefit of a monthly paycheck at tax payers expense.

  2. “The fear of the Lord-that is wisdom,
    and to shun evil is understanding’,”
    Blessed are those who pleads on behalf of 🇱🇨St-Lucia.
    If God places ‘no trust’in his holy ones,muchless man who is ?
    Awake, awake,O🇱🇨
    Clothes yourself with humility and strength,put on your garment of splendor.
    What happend to us is corruption of comments due to division designated by names,accused the noble 🇱🇨and officials ? disturbed that someone have come to promote the welfare of St-Lucia to began this good work.
    May our God gives light to our eyes and a little relief in our bondage.

  3. Great job Taiwan,
    Independent and Strong like St. Lucia…
    Thank you for teaching our people resiliency and Respect for growing more local food.
    And STFU Just Saÿing SMFH

  4. Let’s get hotels to buy fruits & vegetables from our farmers. Beginning with Sandals. That would give our economy a boost and promote our farmers.


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