500 Kilos Of Cocaine Seized Off Saint-Martin

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The French navy frigate Germinal has seized 500 kilos of cocaine in an operation South West of Saint Martin.

It occurred on February 8.

As a result of the operation the French authorities also arrested three individuals.

Martinique 1 Ere reported that the Germinal spotted a suspicious boat without markings on the high seas.

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According to the online publication, the go-fast boat fled as the French navy vessel approached.

But the crew of the Germinal observed that the fugitives dumped fifteen bales from their boat as they fled.

The French navy vessel later intercepted the go-fast vessel.

And the navy crew managed to recover 11 of the fifteen bales they saw the vessel that they were pursuing dump into the sea.

They also arrested three individuals and handed them over to law enforcement authorities in Martinique.

The contents of the bales that the Germinal recovered tested positive for cocaine.

According to an official estimate, traffickers could have sold the drugs the French seized for some 2.5 million Euros in the Caribbean.

The French armed forces in the Antilles said in a statement that the latest drug bust was a new blow to drug trafficking in the West Indies.

Just last month, the Germinal seized 4.2 tons of cocaine off Barbados.

The fishing boat carrying the drugs was flying a Venezuela flag.

The French authorities destroyed the drugs in the Martinique capital, Fort de France.

And they handed the eight crew members of the fishing boat over to law enforcement officials in Venezuela.


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