Sunday, November 17, 2019

53 Year Old Male Charged With Urinating In Public

A 53 year old male has been charged by the City Police with urinating in public.

Law enforcement sources have identified him as Sylvester Felix.

He is alleged to have been caught in the act in an alley off the William Peter Boulevard on Friday.

According to information, Felix was granted bail in the sum of $500 when he appeared before the court.

He is due to reappear in court on December 6, 2018, it has been reported.

Felix is the latest person to have been arrested in a massive crackdown on crime by the City Police Department that has seen several persons arrested and charges for various offences.


  1. Great work by the City Police! Recently pursue these law breakers no matter the seriousness of crime. The City should be safe and healthy. In certain countries it’s a crime to spit on the street. We should have that too.

  2. This is great,because we St Lucians dont respect anything,we need a lot of this.Boulevard smells like hell,that just tells you what is going on.

  3. Instead of hiring the “P” Patrol why don’t you provide some public washrooms? Everyone should be able to use a washroom when needed. If you expect people to support local businesses and tourists to spend their money, give them the dignity of a washroom to use. The salaries and resources going to the “P Patrol” could be much better spent.

  4. Well done! Some people have no pride in themselves and their country. Go to a washroom instead of contributing to the nasty smells around the place

  5. Great job. Just provide more public toilets .For the past days I have really been hearing about city police arresting ppl. Thanks for trying to protect us. Castries does not smell as bad as before especially the alley by the RC Boys

    • For your maths to make sense, it will mean that all these 60,000 people are on a line to use the facilities at the same time. Also it will mean that there are no other facilities be them business or private related. The single fact is it is an illegal, unhygienic and disgusting practice and should not be tolerated. I think It might even be time to have a none police, police commissioner and the mayor seems to be the perfect man for the job.

  6. The business places we come and buy from should have customer washroom. We come to buy and we can find a washroom to use in their business. Some people have weak bladder. Am not looking for excuses for people nastiness. Even if the business place has to charge a small fee. This will help greatly

  7. A man caught urinating in town eh just Friday which was yesterday an his name his picture every thing out there already even his court appearance but a young lady was gunned down at her home some days ago but all u can hear on this murder is that’s its under investigation ……smh at the laws in this country

  8. Well if the police officer is a member of a secret society or what we call a lodge the evil system will protect him that is what the brotherhood is all about that is why we need a revolution to drive the lodge out of st lucia

  9. It is great to have a healthy city we all agree. we also no what it is when your needs has come, and there is no place around to use. HOW MANY RESTROOMS ARE THERE IN THE CITY OF CASTRIES? AND HOW FAR ARE THEY FROM EACH OTHER, Mr mayor; provide, provide, provide.

  10. There are public facilities in the city but I think that the public needs to be informed of exactly where they are located. It is a culture in Saint Lucia for persons to urinate anywhere at any time. Bravo to the City Police they are doing a great job!

  11. There are more than five Public facilities in the city, to name a few, there is one by Customs & Excise Bldg, one behind the city council, one in the Richard Plaza next to the market on Jeremie St, one to the back if the market facing the La Clery bus stand and one in the Darling Rd Plaza, just by the Bexon bus stand.

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