600 Unemployed Mothers To Get Funds From Soufriere Virtual Telethon

Press Release:– The Soufriere Leve EDE Committee, which two weeks ago, launched a Virtual Telethon to feed unemployed mothers of Soufriere and their children, will begin distribution of food hampers and grocery vouchers on Tuesday 9th June.

Ms. Emma Hippolyte, the originator of the Project, has announced that while the Telethon closed with total pledges of EC$56,000, donations after the Telethon have enabled the Committee to actually collect approximately EC$90,000 to date with some pledges still outstanding.

According to Ms, Hippolyte, the Committee’s first round of distribution will be to almost 600 unemployed mothers.

Each mother will receive a small hamper, from in-kind donations and  items purchased, and $100 grocery voucher.

ALCOHOL and CIGARETTES will not be purchased with these vouches.

The dates, time and location for distribution are as follows and persons are asked to note that COVID PROTOCOLS WILL BE OBSERVED

Soufriere Town, Palmist, Fond Bernier, New Development, and Baron’s Drive – Tuesday, 9th June, 9:00 – 3:00, St. Isidore hall

Fond St. Jacques – Wednesday 10th June, 9:00 – 12:00 noon – FSJ Parish hall

Zenon – Wednesday 4:00pm at Zenon

Etangs/Belle Fond/Chateau Belle – Wednesday 10th June 1:00 – 3:00pm – Etangs School

Fond Jean Libre/Morne La Croix – Wednesday 10th June 4:00pm – At Morne La Croix

Bouton – Friday 12th June, 10:00 am – Bouton school

There will be a second distribution when all funds pledged are collected.

The Committee is therefore calling on all those who have not yet settled their pledges to do so as early as possible and for those who would still wish to support this humanitarian effort, donations can be made to the following account at the   Bank of St. Lucia a/c: 104530522. Our GOFUNDME a/c is open until June 30th.

The Committee wishes to thank once again, MBC TV, all artists and you who donated and will donate for HELPING FEED SOUFRIERE’S CHILDREN. SOUFRIERE LEVE EDE!!     GIVE GOD THE PRAISE!!


  1. Way to go auntie emma. Empowering our citizens one outstretched finger at a time. And you wonder why laziness abounds…

  2. Great aunty Emma. It took u 60 yrs and elections to do some community work. Wow. Don’t stop

  3. Poor jab the unemployed men that will have to pay child support and get shown no mercy in all this. At least the women can make bomb, the men…left to get depressed and commit suicide.

  4. You actually remember your roots cause you want to get back in government to continue building your empire you started at NIC then as minister on our hard earned tax dollars. The very best of luck to you in your endeavors

  5. I wonder how come the blind masses don’t see through those politicians….why did she have to make the gesture just before elections?we would love to see those kind gestures throughout the tenure,this is no diffrent from trying to secure votes with rum and chicken…they specifically said a “small” hamper…the irony that they also mention that the $100 voucher will not be used for purchase of cigerette and alcohol…i swear i feel it for the needy and the uneducated of how they being used then tossed aside like some old dirty table rag.

  6. Now she wants to run for election she wants to do for soufriere,they think people stupid,so long you in election you never did such or try to help soufriere where you from,now you need soufriere you come give a hamper for a vote lol …..

  7. Election fever … Chastnent want to do like st.kitts . granny E . beff doo vant bware glow net . hopefully you don’t represent soufrierie …give someone else a chance . ppl like you that’s making SLP loose elections . remember you mess up ppl pension at the NIS …. Hidg time SLP change guard .

  8. They crucified Jesus christ so who is Emma not to be attacked for doing a good deed. Sometimes its better to leave people in their suffering, all though those talking sh** are not the needy

    • Don’t politicize jesus you idiot!..jesus did and all he expected was for the people to follow the rule of jah but emma is doing for personal political gains….analyze the diffrence jackass!

  9. I’m amazed at some of the bitter comments being left by some people. So someone uses their time and energy and resources to mobilise for a specific group of vulnerable people and instead of praising the effort you want to talk about handouts? I wonder if you had this faux outrage when the Government had a telethon for a similar cause. Thousands of people are yet to receive assistance from Government but you want to attack a lady who is not even in Government from actually doing something? What has the current MP done? Give out Government hampers? Stop it with the hate. And this initiative was done as a response to COVID. The PM is now all over the country buying beers, playing dominoes and eating at restaurants and preparing for elections but you want to attack Emma for actually doing something good. Some of you have no shame.

  10. EH you already a looser . you not the one SLP needs . you’re using that hamper drive as an election tool . you completely ignored your hometown all these yrs …now you care to feed ppl . yes you did the Bob ball scheme while at nis. Guess some ppl forget . you fill you’re pockets and had ppl working past 65 . rob ppl 5 working yrs.

  11. Warning to my people of Soufriere:

    People please be careful with people like Emma. History is on our side. She won in Gros Islet making promises, giving food hampers before elections. Someone tell me what she did for Gros Islet.

    The people rejected you after your failed representation, so in your quest to continue to make a salary on the backs of St. lucians you shifted to Soufriere.

    You failed when the economic condition was much better. My people if Emma fails again remember you saw what she did before.

    Recycle, recycle politicians, Emma what is your plans for soufriere. Have you not taken more than you have given us. Enough is enough

  12. Soufriere beware of people who only care about fulling their pockets.

    Do you want to come back to finish what you did at NIC. We couldn’t breathe after you increase the NIC/retiement age to 65 years in 2015.

    With you all tax and spend way or governing, it was your plan to increase it to 67 and eventually 70. How many of us will live to see 70.


  13. At least its a good a thing.kids need to be feed.as a father i rather stay hungry but i want my kids to be feed.but my my my.these politicians.where was that 2 ,3 years ago.uh.elections coming yall trying buy poor peoples minds.but i always say not everyobe is a dumb in dem times.

  14. Telephon to raise money for campaigning and use the single mothers in Soufriere as pawns. I thought I heard Phillip J Pierre said there were so many people in each of the constituencies who wanted to run for the Labour party and rejects like Emma and Alvina are being used. Emma for Soufriere and where will you all send Alvie, is it Chousiel? What happened to all those who were interested, have they seen the light and decided that they will support the progress, growth and development that has been on course for the past four years?
    SLP, poor, inept, unproven, leadership and rejected politicians will result in your downfall next election.
    Alva and Hilaire already fighting for deputy leadership they not even in power. Can you imagine what will happen if we give these guys another chance. The leadership struggle of 1980 comes to mind. Remember what that did to our reputation and economy. Let us not go back there people.

  15. no one is fooled by greedy emma. a woman who past retirement age, no kids, no responsibility decided that government owe her almost 20 grand. SLP DESPERATE FOR POWER. `

  16. Emma is one greedy woman why is slp bringing all those greedy reject for candidates again they were failures so why recycle. So many young people who can make meaningful contributions to the party you’ll cannot attract none .smh Emma is from soufriere all those years she never embraced soufriere and donated anything why now .throughout the covid pandemic the never made any contribution to to the st.lucians to help only now as election coming pierre giving food packages at his constituency office because he need a vote just like emma .teach people how to fish stop making them lazy depending on handouts. Better you’ll rename the party election hand out party

  17. Emma, what are you looking for? You started just like you present PM years ago! SOUFRIERE PEOPLE ARE NOT FOR SALE! can’t you get it?

  18. Besides that telephon was to raise campaigns money for the slp Emma is so deceptive she use the poor. People in soufrriere. To make people believe she that for poor people in soufrriere.if the fund fund raising jesture was really for the people you claim Emma why Pierre have those same bag of groceries giving in Marchand .stop fooling people slp is broke they eh have no 💰 money

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