68 Year Old Woman Gives Birth To Twins After 46 Years Of Trying To Have Children


Metro.UK:-  A 68-year-old woman in Nigeria has given birth to twins after almost 50 years of trying to have children – including three failed IVF attempts.

Margaret Adenuga is thought to be the oldest first-time mother in Africa after she and husband Noah, 77, welcomed a son and daughter at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) last Tuesday.

While many would give up hope after decades of trying, Noah says he always knew they would become parents one day.

The pair first began trying for a baby after getting married in 1974.

They spent their savings and travelled between West Africa, Britain and a number of other places to conceive, according to local reports.

After 46 years of trying and four rounds of IVF, they welcomed twins last week. Noah told CNN: ‘I am a dreamer, and I was convinced this particular dream of ours will come to pass.’

Dr. Adeyemi Okunowo, who delivered the babies, has revealed a specialist team was assembled at the hospital to monitor the pregnancy because of Margaret’s age.

He said: ‘As an elderly woman and a first-time mother, it was a high-risk pregnancy and also because she was going to have twins but we were able to manage her pregnancy to term.’


  1. Quite true but how would she be able to cope with these kids in their teen years?
    In ancient days a lot of this happened, but their live style then was very different.
    Who am I to say, if Trump can be president, all things are possible even without God.

  2. Yeah this has all the signs of a good outcome. Two parents near death, having kids that are going to be weak and sickly. Can you spell, “kid’s on social assistance for entire life?”

  3. It is so sad the way people generally dismiss God existence in this world. When will we come to the wisdom that this world is still owned by the most high and our creator? Haven’t we realized that due to our neglegence and disobedience we have come to this present predicament? It is a joy to have children and they are really gifts from God. Why should the blessings of these faithful couple be seen as a misfortune. I thank God for his blessings on them and also his blessings on the little ones. May they grow up in wisdom, knowledge, love and understanding to live examplary lives. May they also honor their parents and the most high god who performed this miracle with them.

  4. Paleface. Who are you to condemn these two elderly people, to say they are near death parents, these people may out live you. They look healthier and stronger, they eat good food. I’m sure than you that eat crap every day, more bread day and night choopss. These babies were born healthy, and will stay healthy, they will have other family members to look after them, with the blessings of the parents, life in Africa, is totally different to life in Saint Lucia, where people here dont even speak to their parents, muchless siblings, aunts or uncles. The parents too arent poor. So stop being negative.

  5. What a same, those poor children. People especially women can be so selfish with their demands in life. Shame on them.

  6. Wow, congrats. God is in control, keep the faith. Music is very good for them, so keep playing I’m a Registered Nurse in the Caribbean-St Lucia, I have twins also. God Bless the family

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