Wednesday, September 28, 2022

680 Kilos Of Cocaine Seized In Caribbean Sea

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On Saturday, while on patrol in the Caribbean sea, the French surveillance vessel Germinal seized 680 kilos of cocaine after intercepting a suspicious go-fast boat with no nationality markings.

According to a release from the French Armed Forces, the go-fast boat tried to evade the French navy vessel, and the four individuals on board started dumping bales into the sea.

But officials salvaged nineteen bales that tested positive for cocaine weighing 680 kilos.

The Regional Security System (RSS) supported Saturday’s anti-drug operation in which the cocaine, with an estimated value of 47 million Euros on resale in Europe, was seized.

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The four suspects are currently in custody in Martinique.

The French armed forces reported an annual record in 2021 when they seized over nine tons of cocaine.

Headline photo from Forces armées aux Antilles Facebook page.

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  1. Just legalize drugs and a lot of your societal ills will be no more. In fact all drug users have access to it anyway, despite the ban on its sale and use. If legalized the drug lords would have disappeared overnight, the homicide rate would be significantly reduced and the billions spent by world governments to fight this losing battle could be redirected to eradicating global poverty. This may sound radical but it will work since the only beneficiary in this sustained losing war on drugs is sadly, the drug barons and corrupt officials who applaud the efforts of governments; for the lower the supply the higher the demand which results in higher prices and abnormal profits. Government will better spend its time rehabilitating the addicts. Think of it, alcohol was legalized yet the entire world population did not become addicts. But you know what, governments will want to continue that charade as long as possible since the profits from the drug trade supports economic growth in most countries through their underground economies, which by the way is not reflected in their GDP estimates but exists anyway. You never wondered what keeps many of those small islands afloat? Never wondered how so many can afford such luxurious living with such low incomes. Never wondered why some businesses can afford to expand so rapidly? Yes!! We are thinking the same. So I hope that you have now understood that the legalization of drugs will be beneficial to the world!! Or will it, since many economies might crash.

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