71 Year Old Reported Missing From Ti Morne, Union

Relatives of a 71 year old woman are concerned about her safety days after she was reported missing from her Ti Morne, Union residence.

The missing woman is Gloria James who was last seen in the Rodney Bay area wearing a brown dress with  a green photo album in her hand, it was reported.

She disappeared from her home on Friday, September 6, 2019, according to family members.

Gloria James

A member of the family told St Lucia Times that another effort to find her will be made Wednesday afternoon.

The family has organised a search party.

Persons with information about  Gloria James have been asked to contact the family at telephone numbers 584-4545, 714-7414, 718-6550, 720-2968, 486-7508 or the nearest police station.


  1. Does she have any medical conditions or suffering from Dementia
    This will help in terms of anyone seeing her so they will know how to approach her.

  2. My concern is how someone discribes her so well seeing her with a green album in her hand and a brown dress she was well viewed from Friday until now and she can’t be found??? Atell U

  3. Why are Lucian’s so ignorant. Someone is asking a sensible question in reference to the poor ladies health. And all you can comment on is about people’s business your”ll want to know!!!. And then your”ll will say we show no compassion. My goodness.

  4. So how come this is not on all the news media. Its 5 days already
    Why the late post. Also she can’t be with out water and food for these 5 days. How is she surviving
    Someone must be sheltering her.

  5. It’s very important to know whether she has a medical condition, so people will know how to approach her,such a beautiful lady,sometimes we there today and next thing is another ,don’t be negative, people let’s come together and help,

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