76 Year Old Businessman Shot In Micoud

A 76 year old male was shot in the lower abdomen Saturday evening during a robbery, it has been reported.

The victim has been identified as Andrew Joseph, alias Mr. Mow Weng of Andrew’s mini-mart in Mon Repos.

Residents of the area say he is the proprietor of the business place.

Joseph was transported to St Jude Hospital via ambulance about 7.15 pm, according to reports.

Residents of the area say two masked men entered the mini-mart, manhandled the senior citizen and shot him before escaping with cash.

“All they got was coins you know,” a resident told St Lucia Times.

It was reported that Joseph’s wife and another female were at the business place when the bandits struck.





  1. Blame chastnet ,police comissioner , ministers Mary Francis and judges who gives criminals a slap on wrist . unless government amend the laws crime will continue . the police force ….pure nonesense . st lucia has become a crime haven . brig back operation restore confidence . 4ork Mary Francis . she submitted false information to the us government.

  2. Chastenet is a S****! His @$$ was always on the media talking all kinds of shate! Where is his @55 now? Huh? I will make you safe, is what he said now all people getting is crickets chirping. NOTHING! Chastenet [email protected]**p, where are you? Today, we want to hear you. Even though you lie to us like your mentor Trump . . . But say something. Right now no one is safe and your A** hiding!

  3. All these guys drive around in tinted cars,they survey the area , put on their masks ,get out of their cars,and atack their prey.And nobody sees a thing , not even the colour of the vehicle after they drive off.The police cant be evrywere , we should all try to be more active as a comunity, and help the police with good information , to curb this crime wave .And you can remain totally anonimus , you never have to give your name to anybody.

    • Seriously! Once a Lady saw something and brought it to the police attention, they caught the criminal and brought him to the lady’s house asking her if this is the individual. She told the officer that she doesn’t know him and don’t know what he’s talking about. Point is we are not safe and the police cannot keep us safe . every man for themselves this is what I see. Being an officer is a job they wanna get paid not risk their lives.

  4. Want to express sympathy to the victim, relatives and friends. Let’s all hope he has a full recovery. Unless all citizens make a concerted effort to fight crime, unless the government and police put practical plans in place to reduce lawlessness, crime will continue unabated. On the issue of crime, the police is guilty of negligence, the government of gross incompetence and the citizens of deafening silence. No of e is safe in St. Lucia. The criminals are having their way. Residing in St. Lucia has becommeva living nightmare. The place is fast becoming a criminal paradise.

    • i agree with u here our paradise is becoming a crimal paradise . i call almost say i am embarrassed to say where i come from

    • i agree with u here our paradise is becoming a crimal paradise . i can almost say i am embarrassed to say where i come from

    • The same thing going on for the last several years. They’re just getting bolder as no one is doing anything to stop them.

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