Wednesday, August 10, 2022

‘A Hallelujah Moment’ – Dr. St Rose Reacts To ‘Partial Victory’ In Ivermectin Case

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Dr. Gilbertha St Rose declared a partial victory on Friday after a court ordered the immediate reinstatement of her registration and practicing certificate.

Late last year, Saint Lucia’s Medical and Dental Council suspended St Rose for six months for prescribing and supplying the drug Ivermectin to patients as a treatment for COVID-19 without authorisation from the Ministry of Health or the Chief Medical Officer and publicly encouraging its use to treat the virus.

The council also fined the Dermatologist, Herbalist, and Integrative Health Care Specialist $10,000 for conducting an unapproved and unmonitored clinical trial.

The council did not show up in court Friday when Justice Rohan Phillip ruled to reinstate St Rose’s registration and practicing certificate and stay the organisation’s decisions until the determination of the case.

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“I allowed for a compromise so although Justice Phillip made the order for my registration and licence to be reinstated with immediate effect, he did ask me if it was okay that I agree not to prescribe Ivermectin – only for COVID-19,” the outspoken physician told St Lucia Times.

“So I agreed to it just to allow for my patients to get the benefit of my expertise for other medical needs.”

The next hearing is set for April 28, 2022.

“It is a hallelujah moment for the glory of God and for our people who have been deprived. .So it’s one step forward though we haven’t got everything that we should but this one step forward in terms of persons being able to get their prescription from me for other pharmaceuticals which I was deprived from doing and it was a great loss for persons who also used pharmaceuticals in addition to my herbs,” St Rose told St Lucia Times.

St Rose said it was unfortunate that the Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Council did not appear in court.

Nevertheless, she declared that in the future, the council would have to explain why it does not want doctors to prescribe Ivermectin in treating COVID-19.

The council was unavailable for comment on the latest developments.

However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the current evidence on using Ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients is inconclusive.

“Until more data is available, WHO recommends that the drug only be used within clinical trials,” the world body says.

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  1. She allowed to practice “who do” back woods “voodoo”. bat’s toe nails, frog mucus, snake testicles. It all good for you.

  2. How is this a partial victory? It’s simply the court deciding to allow her to practice UNTIL a final decision in the event the ruling is in her favour. She still cannot rule Ivermectin and neither was the ruling about her ability to use Ivermectin.

  3. Its amazing how few actually read to comprehend. Dr. St. Rose lost her license due to her prescribing ivermectin to patients to treat Covid-19. She regained access after agreeing not to use ivermectin to treat patients with Covid. So please explain to me cause i am to dumb to understand how that is a victory.

  4. Justice for Gilbertha, Justice for Gilbertha, Justice for Gilbertha, Justice for Gilbertha, Justice for Gilbertha, Justice for Gilbertha.
    Down with Medical Council, down with SLMDA, Down with Andre Matthew,

  5. Can someone PLEASE tell me why the Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Council, whose OWN decision is the focus of an civil court proceeding and there is NO representation by them? If Dr. St. Rose is a professional guided by the rules of her profession, and violates these rules in the practice of her trade, then she must be held accountable.

    It is one thing to revoke her ability to practice and impose a penalty for her blatant violation of the guiding authority of her profession in Saint Lucia, but it is quite another for the said authority, who I presume had sufficient notice of a challenge to their decision, not to even make an appearance.

    Note: I am NOT suggesting here that the Council was correct in its adjudication of Dr. St. Rose’s case, nor am I saying that Dr. St. Rose was justified in her actions. My comments are strictly an analysis, though brief, of the story reported here.

  6. Gardeer what research have those doctors done to recommend these shots? I imagine from outside sources. Same like St. Rose. Don’t be an idiot.

  7. At lease there is a turning point, this was pure wickedness and vengeance while others are doing similar and get away with it. Lets go St. Rose lets make it happen

  8. What research has dr. St Rose done ? It’s more like trial and error. Who is dr. St Rose to refute reputable research by the chief medical practitioners around the world.

    • Genesis 1:29-30 and God said I give you seed bearing plant and seed bearing fruit AND GREEN LEAVES ( herbs) and it is good for you , here is where science meets God. Where are the seeds in our fruits today. where are the seeds in grapes? All seedless ! oranges , grapefruits! limes, lemons, all high in antioxidants to nourish , to protect and regenerate new blood cells , that’s our immune system. life is in the blood.
      Tomatoes are gassed to look rosy and corn is grown for hydraulics. Our fish are farmed all in pesticides, farmed animals on antibiotics
      Our food today is ISIS on the table. And lace with pesticides, herbicides and all the cides grown in water and radiated. Forget organic it only soil certification it must be GMO FREE !
      Monsanto remove the cell from the plant and Genetically Modified the fruits and plant food Remember verbs and adverbs change the meaning. The food eaten converts differently in our body so our blood cells don’t recognised the foods we eat. Our blood cells are starving! God gave us smart blood cells to recognised foods as he you know why diseases ?
      If that’s not enough scientist who you hold dear have discovered they can grow food faster and more by removing 68 minerals and trace minerals and replace only three NPK .
      So they sacrifice nutritional value for yield
      remember the string off seeds in the banana ? Today bananas are dangerous to eat! No potassium !
      This is the age of information.
      Vaccine has done it job in childhood disease today it destroys the blood cells. Says the Scientist who received the Albert Einstein Award for his contribution to health sciences
      In 2007
      Green leaves are good for you says the lord .
      Dr Rose got hold of God’s green leaves and turn it into life saving medicine instead of drugs . (Oops! not supposed to say that! Only for big Pharma ) Developing natural medicine for you instead of medication that has metal and other killer substances read, “Death by proscription” or “what your doctor don’t know about nutritional medicine may be killing you”.
      How blessed you are to have a Doctor who really cares for your health and who seeks out life saving medication for the people of St Lucia . Even the fake media joined in by saying vitamins are expensive pee , and denying good fats when you brain needs the fat to prevent Alzheimer’s ! Shame on those why deny the truth!
      But here is the kicker! TRUTH NEVER GOES OUT OF FASHION Ps 119
      Remember the woman in the Bible ,( ask Google ) with the issue of blood for 12 years and no doctor could heal her! only Jesus did. In those days they had to be isolated from their family they were unclean! she was alone for 12 years! what’s changed today? Coronavirus create this same situation family’s hated each other, breakup In friendship for not taking a stupid vaccine.. the unvaccinated are treated like lepers? Cvirus passport ! . What rubbish! It was about control.
      Now the CDC is saying natural immunity is best! God wins! Our immune system is a gift from God , that healthy blood cells equals life ! Why do doctors send you for a blood test when you are ill ? Your blood cells have your DNA and it belongs to God
      God came in the person of Jesus Christ to die to save us from going to hell, he paid a price we don’t have to pay, how many received his salvation?
      Jesus he is the true life saver! But the people queue up to take a vaccine that’s is an experiment, and lots still die, doing good works or being a “good person” is not the right of passage to heaven, it’s by God’s Grace through faith we are saved. Eph 2:8-9
      It’s impossible to please God without faith
      What the enemy meant for bad God will used it for his purpose , God’s fight for his people.
      God wins !

  9. lucianary you’re a moron. All science starts from anecdotes. You observe then you study. The Japanese trials are now in stage III. How do I know. People in Japan told me. I’ve seen some of the studies. I’ve seen the meta analysis. I’m convinced it works. Hence the deominsation. Keep taking your shots. Good luck.

  10. You call yourself worried citizen. You might have good reason but I am sure it’s not because you care about people.

  11. It’s quite obvious why the CMO and the rest of the Big Pharma cabal will never show up in court: Kindergarten responses like “who else has been taking care of St. Lucians’ health before Covid-19”, or “the WHO made us do it” would have been laughed out of court, while the St. Rose team would have had solid scientific evidence to defend her case.

    The authority of the the CMO & the SLMDA is just that, AUTHORITARIAN; it cannot withstand to scientific scrutiny! St. Lucians know who really are the witch doctors (and Dr. St. Rose never joined that nefarious cult)!

  12. World Health Organization (WHO), will never move forward with any more testing on Ivermectin. Because it will prove that Ivermectin is the best drug to help give immunity and give the world back some sense of normalcy. Also it will mean that they will be losing a lot of money… What do you think the Vaccine is for??? To save lives.They don’t want to lose all the BILLIONS of dollars they are getting from the world . THAT VACCINE HAVE SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS IN IT THAT IS NOT GOOD FOR OUR HEALTH.

  13. Well done Doc you showed them ……they always bawling ethics and morality until they get to court……a peril which will be repeated in the coming months for another Doc.

  14. TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese trading and pharmaceuticals company Kowa Co Ltd on Monday said that anti-parasite drug ivermectin showed an “antiviral effect” against Omicron and other coronavirus variants in joint non-clinical research.

    The company, which has been working with Tokyo’s Kitasato University on testing the drug as a potential treatment for COVID-19, did not provide further details. “

    • Hmmm, please read the article, it states in “non-clinical research”. This means that they tested ivermectin in a test tube and it did kill Omicron and other coronavirus variants. This does not prove that ingesting ivermectin will help with Covid-19. It is the very first stage. In fact, it has been proven that soap, alcohol, bleach and sunlight all have anitviral effects against coronavirus in the lab and in the home. if you expose coronavirus to these things they will kill the virus. However, if you drink lots, of soap, alcohol or bleach is does not cure you of Covid-19.

  15. Bravo!! You can not stop a St. Rose.. They can call us any names They wish to.. But! We prevail..I endorse Dr St Rose..

    • @worried citizen it seems u know a lot about witch doctors. no doctor has all the answers. no system of medicine knows everything. so plant medicine is not a cure all. but it helps. likewise, ivermectin has effects on the virus. the japanese researchers have already published this. but will it work for everyone? most likely not. can it work on some people? most probably yes.

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