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Updated on July 10, 2020 11:53 am
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Updated on July 10, 2020 11:53 am

Abandoned Baby Officially Named ‘Josiah’, Mom Getting Help

A newborn baby who was abandoned in a shopping bag in Castries last month has been given the name ‘Josiah’ and is growing well.

That’s according to the Division of Human Services.

The Director of the Division, Beverly-Ann Poyotte, told St Lucia Times that the mother of the child has been identified.

“We are currently working with her in terms of providing psycho-social support,” she explained.

The Director of the Division of Human Services recalled that she had indicated initially that the mother was working with the police.

She said the mother’s cooperation with the police is ongoing.

“The baby is in care, he is doing very well, he is thriving – he has grown,” Poyotte disclosed.

She recalled that the child had been given the Christian name ‘Josiah’ in the media and it was decided to keep that name.

Residents of Morne du Don in Castries took care of the child after he was found last month, umbilical cord still attached, in a Massy Stores supermarket shopping bag.

A passerby went to investigate after hearing the child cry.

A heart-wrenching video of the discovery was posted on social media.

Another video, apparently recorded some time after the discovery, showed the child wrapped in a blanket atop a vehicle.

Concerned residents of the area summoned an ambulance and the child was taken to hospital for a medical checkup, thereafter being placed in the care of a foster family.



  1. Because she’s Related to Someone who’s Employed with Government She was not Arrested and Charged Criminally so Counceling now .That girl is very experience .Her first child was adopted and from after she gave birth in the Bathroom where she was living at the Christian persons house at Bois patat they ask her to live because she lied to them .That’s when the Government employee took her to live with her to cover up her Tracks

  2. well if she do these things before then counselling while in jail is the answer. some women wicked. lots of women in st lucia have no problems abandoning their kids to go after another man or to live with another man because the kids getting in the way of their life. these kids are left on their own with no one to really care for them hanging around different relatives homes.

  3. Who knows; chances are the mother herself might have been the product of a single
    mother. When you think you’ve seen it all, then ‘bang’, right in your face, the same old
    story – ‘the sting of poverty’ it is such that has blighted humanity for millennia, even
    before the birth of the Biblical Josiah, meaning – “Jehovah supports” – but you see, it’s
    the poor you have with you always, and blessed are they, for theirs is the Kingdom of
    Heaven. Math:5:3. She has failed our poor system of a society, according to our own
    narrow vision of a society. So let those who are without sin, cast the first stone.

  4. Hope our social services will indeed provide the suport this young mother need, direct her to the different organizations which will give her all the information she need; yes the poor young lady needs helt! jailing her will not helt! Men, men, men again, they sure know how to persuade the young females!
    Remember: after this the judgement!

  5. The majority of commenters on here are MEN!!! Those are the ones who lead young impressionable women astray, then turn around and pass bad judgement – as though they themselves are angels! Losers! Anyway, men are not natural nurturers. They prefer to point Superior fingers at the weak! Cut the woman-child some slack here. You are all no better.

  6. Why this woman go full term if she had no intention of giving this child love and attention. What’s the problem with such women. Have they heard of birth control or they try saying no to the men who think women just on earth to satisfy their sexual needs … It’s just madness to bring a child into the world and abandon it …. people have been blogging about SLAPS and how we shouldn’t be spending money on stray and abandoned dogs etc etc … but the human race no better, it’s NOT OK to leave a newborn in a shopping bag .. shame on the human race. Disgusting behaviour …

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