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Updated on July 10, 2020 11:53 am
Updated on July 10, 2020 11:53 am
Updated on July 10, 2020 11:53 am

Abused Child In Viral Recording Placed In Care Of Mother

An abused child whose ordeal was audio recorded and posted on social media, has received medical attention and is currently in the care of his mother.

Two recordings totalling 47 seconds were posted, along with a photograph of the alleged perpetrator.

“The child has been removed from the situation,” the Director of  the Division of Human Services, Beverly-Ann Poyotte, told St Lucia Times.

Poyotte disclosed that the mother of the approximately two-year old male is assisting the police with investigations into the matter.

A probe was launched after an audio recording of an adult male chastising the child was posted on social media.

In the recording the adult launches into an expletive-filled tirade, punctuated by the sound of lashes and outcries from the minor.

The adult is upset because the child defecates in the home and orders the minor to clean up the mess.

The incident is reported to have occurred in Castries.

But it was not immediately clear when it happened.




  1. I wonder what happened to that woman who was beating the young girl in public with a stick for wearing her shoes. Hmm

  2. The mother will be back with the father in no time cuz these girls are idiots. That father needs to be in jail so he cam be dealt with by people his own size.

  3. Violence from anyone towards anyone is wrong if you are Brutalised as a child or adult in prison or in the home you are more prone to brutalising someone else because you will be released from prison back into the community.

  4. Just now the young woman drop the child for an abusive father who was clearly saying in the recording he asked her repeatedly to come for her child but she didn’t, yet social services gave her the child without arresting and charging this abusive heartless male ,just so that she could put him back into his hands again? This child took so much beatings that his little voice was faded. What is wrong with these people who say that they care about our children, went to school ,getting paid to protect these babies? What is going on?

  5. My heart broke when as I listened to the voice note. What was he thinking, chastising a 2 year old baby?
    Women need to pay SPECIAL attention to whom they decide to become impreganted by.
    The cycle of abuse in families is difficult to eradicate.

  6. Most of these Young Worthless Girls have kids with Useless Young men who Drink white Rum and Chase the Rum with Ganja .Its time the Family Court make an example of Worthless Mothers and Fathers .The Child Maintainance Fee per Month Should be $600.00 Ec a Month for a Child .You have 4Kids with the woman pay $2.400.00 per Month .The Family Court should Monitor the Payments and how it is being used for the Care of the Children.Too many worthless Mothers and Fathers in St.Lucia .My last Dauaghter is 23yeats old and now lives in America .

  7. There are a lot of sick minds roaming the face of this world. You don’t have to look far,
    on your Television screen, on daily basis you hear and watch for yourself; the president
    in the Casa Blanca, and analyse the things coming out of his being.There are those even
    among us, acting under the Radar, unsuspected who are pure nuts. I have worked with
    some of them, very few are still alive. It is in most cases, a society managing within broken
    relationships, lack of one based on ‘love’ and a Christian Upbringing, always blaming some
    scapegoat for their shortcomings, blinded by false images, never seeking that which is true
    and it is simple:- 2 Chronicles 7:14.”If my people who are called by my name will humble
    themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear
    from Heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their Land.” God is a God of forgiveness, but
    to obtain such, we must seek for Him while He may be found.The time is short, join a Church.

  8. Just got the audio n picture of the father.i no this guy.he have 3 my understanding the minors mothers is a very very young lady.some of us fast to bash n say things.he should not treat the minors like this.i felt sorry for that poor 2 yr old.i know this as a guy who was working.n i know his out of a job rightnow.which might be his frustrations.but poor lil baby boy.n that mother where is the streets of castries trying get plug again.i will not say this guy eh like his son or daughter mabe frustation creeping in.but wrong way to deal with it if thats the situation.some of our young fathers does go through hell but never get recognized.everybody will say jail which he might get but hope he learn a lesson.advice to sum young men who wants a family,be aware of them youngs women nowadays who dont want to work buy roam the streets n villages of st lucia trying pocket money from men.thats the trap i feel that fell in. N the the results children.i personally dont want my son or daughter to fall in dem traps.thats y i eill teach them as a father.some might not agree but there should be sum kind of a law for these mothers who niglecting der kids.

    • When video was taken has nun to do with the abuse.the fa t is he abuse the child

  9. When the government abolished corporal punishment in schools it got so much flake by many especially principals and teachers. Believe it or not some students get more abuse in schools by teachers and principals than at home. In addition to learning Maths, English, etc they also learn to abuse others because of their experiences in school. Corporal punishment should not only be stopped in schools but also in homes. I feel for this baby. The father definitely needs help.

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