Accident victim appeals for more responsible driving

Accident victim – Travis Dolor, has called on motorists to be more responsible in their use of the road.

Dolor and four others who were travelling in a motor vehicle, survived a head on collision with another vehicle.

His sister is still in the intensive care unit of Victoria Hospital.

The collision occurred in the wee hours of Sunday morning near the Galaxy petrol station.

Dolor said he and the others were coming from Marisule and heading towards Rodney Bay.

He recalled that it was about approaching one O’ clock on Sunday morning when he saw a bright light heading towards the vehicle that he was in.

The accident victim said it was a black Lexus which smashed into the vehicle in which he and the others were traveling.

Dolor said he lost consciousness on impact and on regaining consciousness, thought that they had already arrived at their destination until he saw shattered glass all around him.

He disclosed that his injuries were not life threatening.

Dolor stated that he is currently experiencing chest pains and received stitches to the back of the head and to his back.

He explained that he knew nothing about the driver of the other vehicle, except being told that he escaped unhurt.