Accused Mass Murderer Complains Of Treatment In Prison

BBC:- The man accused of killing 50 people in attacks on two New Zealand mosques has lodged a formal complaint over his prison treatment, media say.

Australian Brenton Tarrant, 28, has so far been charged with one murder and is expected to face further charges.

A source told news website Stuff the prisoner had said he was being denied access to visitors and phone calls.

He is being kept in isolation at the Auckland Prison in Paremoremo, considered New Zealand’s toughest.

New Zealand is still coming to terms with the mass killings. More than 20,000 people attended a memorial service addressed by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Christchurch’s Hagley Park on Friday.

The prisoner was flown to Auckland Prison immediately after his first court appearance, in Christchurch on 16 March, a day after the attacks.

Stuff says the prisoner complained to the Department of Corrections that he was being deprived of his basic rights, specifically phone calls and access to visitors.

One private visitor a week for at least 30 minutes and at least one telephone call a week are part of the minimum entitlement under the the Corrections Act, along with sufficient food and drink, bedding, healthcare and exercise.

The Department of Corrections source told Stuff: “He’s under constant observation and isolation. He doesn’t get the usual minimum entitlements. So no phone calls and no visits.”

According to the Department of Corrections website, “prisoners have the right to be treated with humanity, dignity and respect while in prison”.

However, the department can apply exceptions to the entitlement under certain circumstances.

Entitlements can be withheld if prisoners are segregated “for purposes of security, good order, or safety, or for the purpose of protective custody”.

This can also apply if the security of the prison, or the safety of any person, is threatened.

A Department of Corrections spokesperson confirmed to New Zealand media that the prisoner had had no access to any media or visitors.

The spokesperson said the suspect was being managed according to the Corrections Act and “for operational security reasons no further information will be provided”.

Stuff says it is thought the prisoner has a door that leads to a concrete yard which he can use for one hour a day. He is said to be “compliant”.

He has been remanded until 5 April and has not yet entered a plea. He is expected to appear at further hearings in Christchurch via video link.


  1. He should have considered the consequences of his actions before. Look how many people are suffering because of his henius crime. You want to be put up in the Ritz Carlton? The taxes of the victims families are now taking care of you.


    This may obtain;

    (i) …Constitutional right of innocence shall prevail;
    (ii) …His attorney shall have access at an appropriate time for consultation;
    (iii) …Provision of Prison sustenance. (iv) ..Allow for hygiene, exercise and a little sunlight.

    Accused of cold-blooded murders, ‘ Why must he believe that he is a model prisoner’ and deserves the best treatment?

    Boggles the mind.

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