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Accused Shooter In Jamaica ‘Wet Himself’ When Cornered By Cops

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AN accused man who escaped police custody “bawled like a baby and wet himself” when he was cornered by law enforcers at a guest house in St Andrew on Friday, a police source confirmed yesterday.

Ricardo Richards, 31, also known as Kaka, was captured by a team of police personnel after he had been on the run for a week, following his escape from custody while being treated at a medical facility also in St Andrew.

Richards, who had been taken to National Chest Hospital by the police to recieve medical care for an ailment on Friday, March 12, grabbed a pistol from one of two policemen who had accompanied him when his handcuffs were unlocked to allow a doctor to treat him.

He shot the other cop as he tried to intervene.

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The law enforcer, who is assigned to Denham Town Police Station in west Kingston, survived the attack.

Richards had been in custody and awaiting trial, with murder, illegal possession of firearm and ammunition, and shooting with intent charges hovering over his head.

He reportedly stole the policeman’s gun, which police have still not recovered.

Yesterday, a senior police source told the Jamaica Observer that Richards was surprised when he was held at the guest house and proceeded to appeal for mercy.

“He kept shouting for the police to spare his life,” one source said.

“He was saying things, amid tears, like ‘duh, nuh kill me; duh, me nuh waa dead, gi mi a chance.’

“As more police guns were trained on him he cried out even louder and wet himself. You would not believe that this was a man who, a week before, had challenged the police, taken away a gun, shot one policeman, and ran away,” the source said.

Contacted yesterday for a comment, Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of the crime division, Fitz Bailey said he could not confirm what had taken place because he was not a part of the security team that captured Richards.

However, he said it was not strange for criminals to beg for their lives and do strange things when the shoe was on the other foot.

“It’s not unusual for these guys to behave like that, if that is in fact what happened,” Bailey stated.

“When they have the gun they are mighty, but when they are held by the police they are different persons.

“I remember when ‘Blackman’ was arrested, he started to call out for murder, and even held on to his mother,” Bailey said.

Andre “Blackman” Bryan was arrested and charged by police from the Counter Terrorism & Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force on March 4, 2018 under the anti-gang legislation for leading a criminal organisation and attempting to recruit an adult to a criminal organisation.

He was said to be the leader of the Blackman Gang, a breakaway group from the notorious Spanish Town, St Catherine-based Clansman Gang.

Bryan, a convict, was in 2016 freed of the 2008 murder of former Jamaica Urban Transit Company Limited Chairman Douglas Chambers, in which former Clansman leader, Tesha Miller was implicated and for which he has been convicted.

Police said that they were no closer to determining the whereabouts of the gun that Richards stole from the policeman, but one official feared that the weapon might have been sold in order that he could raise money to offset his expenses.

“An investigation is still going on in respect of the policeman’s gun, and there is a possibility that it could have been passed off [sold] to someone so that the accused man could have money to do things like pay for a stay at a guest house,” the police source said.

Richards is from a Nine Miles, Bull Bay, St Andrew, address.

A senior Government official said yesterday that he was happy that more people were stepping forward and providing information to the police, which has led to criminals being caught, and urged Jamaicans to continue to do so.

“Something like this emboldens more people to give us information,” the official said.

“The good thing is that gun seizures have been on the rise, and every gun that we find, it’s like a vaccine. The public gave the police information that this wanted man was staying at a guest house, and we welcome that kind of information,” stated the official, who hinted that the facility was being investigated.

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