Adult, Three Children Injured In Collision

An adult and three children were seriously injured after a pick-up truck ran off the road about 6:00 PM it has been reported.

The accident occurred a short distance away from Kamakie’s Auto Parts Inc along the Cul de Sac Highway, according to an eyewitness.

It was reported that the driver of the pick up truck who was heading towards Odsan lost control after overtaking another vehicle and slammed into a trailer that was parked at the side of the road.

The driver and three children who were occupants of the pick up at the time, sustained multiple injuries.


  1. So if there was a fatality then Chief Transport Officer and Head of Traffic Dept would be calling for speed bumps in that area. After placing so many speed bumps up to now the accidents have not decreased. Driving habits and skills are so poor. Only the Driving Schools to Blame.

  2. We need to introduce a demerit point system which when a certain amount is accumulated on would have their drivers licence suspended or if bad enough cancelled. This would definitely encourage more careful driving on our roads, as it stands drivers know that there are no penalties for reckless driving.

  3. Unless the road caves in and swallow a vehicle or something of that nature, then I say there is nothing wrong with our roads when it comes to accidents. If were were to follow the speed limit and other laws and rules governing the roads then it is almost impossible to get into an accident. Most iof not all of are accidents are cause by human error. Most of these errors can be avoided.

    • There are condoms and you can still get AIDS. It doesn’t have anything to do about how many public education that the government conducts, people will still get HIV. Just as in this case it has to be a combination of things including the design of roads and the safety considerations given to the road shoulders. In addition all situations are different and we should just not bundle them together without acknowledging other factors or else suggested remedies will be uneducated decisions. Human error is a significant factor, however have serious accidents decreased by employing self driving vehicles in other jurisdictions where studies are conducted? Safety is a combination of risks which has to be mitigated.and unless we have proper roadways along with clearly demarcated signs and road shoulders coupled with public education then it will not work. So we need to stop this blame game and think in a scientific way to solve our problems. Do you think if we eradicate unemployment that we wouldn’t have crime? We can look to other countries where crime is low, is there significant employment?

      • People blame drivers. Oh they don’t think a stepdad (dad ) carrying his children in the vehicle would’ve been using caution ???
        Everybody have opinions and really none matters cause gov’t not doing nothing to or for Bexon hiway.
        Make the hiway wider,ensure any vehicle PARKED on the side of the road is well Lighted They should’ve had police a good ways ahead so drivers would’ve know that was happening.
        A Son, Fiance,brother , a friend, a family member and 2 innocent souls. Weretaken away on that day.SAD JUST Devastating no words can describe what those families are going through.
        Bexon hiway …gov’t you call a small road a hiway… do something please..
        RIP my loved ones.

  4. Not speaking about the basic need to use seat belts or baby seats for children! So many children injured or dying because of neglect of their parents!

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