Advocacy group condemns sexual exploitation of girls by male teachers

The advocacy group, Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc., has expressed concern about the sexual exploitation of girls in the public education system by male teachers, declaring that  young females need protection from sexual predators are posing as teachers.

“Information reaching us indicates girls within the public education system are not safe or protected from sexual exploitation,” the organisation said in a press release Monday.

The release quoted a ‘source’ as indicating that girls are monitored and once they attain the age of sixteen  years, male teachers indoctrinate them into dangerous and unhealthy sexual relationships, “specifically those who are vulnerable and from poor homes with unemployed mothers and/or parents.”

Raise Your Voice asserted that the situation is further aggravated when male teachers coerce female students to have abortions and also use intimidation tactics to silence them to protect their relationships, jobs and reputation.

“Education, in its broadest sense, is a “service” which is guaranteed as a human right. Sexual exploitation of girls is therefore prohibited; but, many male teachers prey on girls and it appears they even monitor girls to ensure they are one day past the age of consent to initiate them in sexual relationships,” the advocacy group declared.

“We are sending out a very strong call to the custodians of the public education system i.e. Ministry of Education, Teaching Service Commission, St. Lucia Teaches Union, Principals Associations, Principals and Teachers to ensure the safety of girls within the public education system from sexual predators posing as teachers. And to advocate for the implementation of policies to protect girls and bring male teachers who engage in sexual relationships with students to account,” it stated.

“We encourage the Ministry of Education to appoint a Chief Education Officer to oversee the welfare of all students in the quickest possible time frame. “


  1. There is no doubt that protecting our young people (boys and girls) is of the utmost importance. And no sensible human being will argue about that. But what strikes me is how Sealy raises her voice on matters and at times that seem to give her an opportunity to raise her voice for self serving purposes. If Raise Your Voice St.Lucia (SEALY) has all this information, can it (she) not bring these concrete examples to the attention of the authorities and have the perpetrators dealt with? Or should the appropriate authorities bring her in to give examples of the abortions etc, failing which she should be charged with withholding vital information? The child protection Act makes it illegal to withhold such information from relevant authorities. Again, the matter needs to be addressed but the motives of this Advocacy??? Group is questionable.
    Did Raise Your Voice St.Lucia really wanted to make the first point or was it an introduction to the last paragraph about appointing a CEO? I ask because I am aware that there is an appointed acting CEO who has all the powers of an appointed CEO

  2. D. P. P.., Minister of justice or whosoever is in charge of the C.I.D, take note, open an investigation in that matter; bring in raise your voice for questioning, If there is any truth in that matter, then press charges. if nothing is fond, then don’t let this allegation go unpunished. Save de yout dem.

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