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After Court Dismisses Case Against Him Christopher Hunte Says It’s Not Over

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After a Magistrate’s Court on Thursday dismissed the case against him for inciting people to participate in a public march, Talk Show Christopher Hunte has made it clear that’s not the end of the matter. Instead, he plans to pursue a civil suit.

Police arrested Hunte in June 2020, near Canaries.

Christopher Hunte moments before he was taken into police custody

But after the case went through several adjournments, Hunte said the virtual complainant never showed up, and Magistrate Raquel Willie-Trotman threw out the matter.

“This is not about me even though they wanted to make it about me. But the reason that even now I know it isĀ  halfway and I have to pursue a civil suit is because I have to make sure that this cannot happen to anybody ever again,” Hunte told reporters.

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He said it was no fun experience having the police arrest him for sitting in the back of a vehicle drinking water.

“I think for sure I was a victim of political victimisation. However, I think that I was not the only one. I saw people who were stopped from passing at places like Anse La Raye which I was videoing,” Hunte recalled while noting that others passed freely.

“I was not the only victim – I was the one they wanted to name and shame ,” Hunte asserted.

According to Hunte, he helped to promote a planned event.
” I was on the ground- I was talking to the Dee Jay, so the police assumed I was the promoter – I was the one who filed or signed or wrote to the police. No, I wasn’t. Richard Frederick wrote to the police, Lookie Albert wrote to ECCO. It was their event which I was one hundred percent in support of,” he recalled.

“When the police did not see them at the time – they hadn’t arrived yet, they asked me to relay to the public what the information was. So I literally turned around with the police at my back, no further away than a foot or two, and I did exactly what the police asked me to do,” Hunte said.

He said when Richard Frederick arrived, he did as instructed.
“He defused the crowd,” Hunte observed.

According to Hunte, at that point, they all essentially became ‘ just the public.’

However, he recalled that people who had already arrived in buses were going down.

“This was a groundswell of the people, and I was documenting it and I was arrested,” Hunte explained.

He feels the moral of the story should be no matter who is in government or opposition, Saint Lucia’s civil rights should never be affronted at the whims and fancies of people trying to ‘kiss up’ to a government.

He also expressed that Saint Lucia needs to review laws relating to protests.


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