Agriculture: CARICOM Secretary-General Urges Youth To ‘Get Involved’

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CARICOM Secretary-General, Dr. Carla Barnett, emphasising that there are excellent opportunities in ‘new agriculture’ for young people, has urged them to get involved.

“This is the time and the opportunity to say to our young people, get involved. The opportunities in the agricultural sector are there to be taken up and there are gaps which you can bring your new thinking to create further opportunities for yourselves,” the CARICOM official asserted.

Barnett was addressing last week’s opening of the Trinidad and Tobago Agri Investment Forum and Expo.

She explained that ‘smart agriculture’ goes beyond planting and growing systems that incorporate new technologies.

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In this regard, Barnett noted that there is a growing demand for, among other things – online platforms, extension apps, agricultural marketing apps, drone operators, data analytics, and crop forecast apps.

And she wanted all hands on deck to achieve the food and nutrition security vision, particularly the target of reducing food imports by 25 percent by 2025.

“There is a role for all to play. This is our Region. Our participation and support matter,” Barnett asserted.

She said spreading the word was crucial.

In addition, the CARICOM Secretary-General spoke of the need to encourage everyone to support agricultural commodities the region produces.

“Plant your own backyard gardens; invest in the agricultural value chain. We all have to champion the vision of regional food and nutrition security,” Barnett declared.

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  1. “… She explained that ‘smart agriculture’ goes beyond planting and growing systems that incorporate new technologies…” This is so good to hear/know. All over the globe now, people are seeing and knowing the NEED for agriculture. Some of the largest suppliers of agricultural produce are suffering (drought, war, praedial larceny), and we at the end of the chain are suffering for it. This should not be. The Caribbean is MORE THAN equipped to “go back to the earth” to feed, clothe, and heal the region.

    • Good Point.
      It is frightening to think of what our women and in particular single mothers are waking up to every morning. Trying to find an extra $50 or $75 every week to make ends meet. This is not a joke as it affects your mental health with all the stress and the children feel the pressure.
      Then the SLP come out with more garbage about the ‘youth economy’.
      How can you be focused on a youth economy y if the mothers cannot even feed the youth? Poor nutrition means poor brain power and poor education.
      All the SLP big wigs are doing is hatching their plans behind closed doors to get rich quick with family and friends while the people are stressed out big time!

    Could someone please tell me: Where are the Workers Unions in this calamitious time with inflation running at probably 20%.
    With school opening and gas up, food up, bus fares up, building supplies up why are the Unions not asking for salary and wage increases?
    Workers and families are being pushed in to poverty on a daily basis but we have heard NOTHING from the Civil Service union! All over the world UNIONS are fighting for their workers – but not in St. Lucia.
    Is that because the SLP being in power they do not want to make trouble for their friends.

    SLP – friends and family first – Lucians last!

  3. Its not good enough…. youths cannot toil the soil without proper system and security in place financially + manure otherwise you will bark the same words decade after decade

    • “Toil the Soil” are available @Prober. That is why there is the UWI Agricultural sector in TnT. Open your mind Prober (just what are you “probing”?) and smell the coffee. There are ENDLESS opportunities in Agriculture. The “new farmers” are now wearing ties, and sit behind a desk!!! The young people now, are more on top of you, more than you think … Mummy and Daddy did not send them to university for nothing.

      Unfortunately, in little SLU people tend to think that Agriculture is toiling in the hot sun with dirty hands. It is A LOT more than that. Agriculture is not only for food.


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