Sunday, September 25, 2022

Agriculture Minister Says Food Security Important Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, and Food Security, Hon. Alfred Prospere, continued a tour of the departments within the Ministry of Agriculture, with a visit to Region 7.

The Minister’s tour of the various divisions within the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, and Food Security began with a visit to Region 7’s Head Office, where he was briefed by the Regional Head and extension officers on the region’s current developments.

Region 7 serves farmers of communities on the west coast that include Anse La Raye, Marigot, Roseau, Millet, Bois-Den, Jacmel, Vanard, and Belle Air.

Minister Prospere said one of this agricultural region’s major challenges is a lack of training for extension officers. He says the ministry will double up on efforts to provide training, in order to build capacity to better serve the region’s farmers.

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“What is important is that our farmers need to be able to feel comfortable just like our extension officers to interact in a way that will benefit both parties. Moving forward, the ministry will be making every effort to ensure that our farmers are always happy, our farmers get the knowledge and support that they require by our ministry, and I’m hoping that as time goes by, the relationship between our farmers an extension staff will continue to grow. As I always mention, it’s an important sector, it’s a very important ministry, and food security especially with the COVID-19 situation that we face is very important. Nutrition security is also very important and our farmers and other stakeholders in the ministry are responsible for making that happen. So it’s important that that support is given to our farmers.”

The familiarization tour continued with a visit to the Roseau Irrigation Facility which houses a water reservoir. Minister Prospere notes that the irrigation system can be very beneficial to farmers of Region 7 particularly during the dry season. He added that he is looking forward to serving the Ministry of Agriculture and hopes to gain the support of the staff to make the ministry one of the most efficient.

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