Agriculture ministry continues cassava project

The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Co-operatives, Hon. Ezechiel Joseph, has stated that the Cassava Project will be continued, and with that in mind, farmers should look to the crop as a way of increasing revenue.

“It’s something that we started and we are going to continue it,” he said. “In fact, through the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), I have been able to get funding for equipment, and I have gotten commitments from some bakeries in Saint Lucia to buy the cassava mash, that is part and parcel of producing the bread.

“It’s something that we begun in Barbados, we have trained two individuals in Trinidad since I came in with the technology. We are going to look at establishing a facility in the agro-processing centre in Faux Assau, that will be used chiefly for the making of cassava, cassava mash, and cassava farine.”

The minister said the crop is very much in demand.

“We will need to now encourage our farmers to get into production because these provisions have been made for cassava processing not just in Faux Assau, but also in Anse Ger. I know that there is demand from Plas Kassav, so there are opportunities for cassava.”

The ministry is also assessing how the project can complement the school feeding program, he added.

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