Air Conditioning Technicians Held With Drugs At BCF

Two air conditioning technicians who were found in possession of drugs and other contraband items at Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF), were arrested and charged by the police.

Lawmen identified the two as Emron Nicholas and Fabian John.

The men, who are both 35 years of age, are also residents of Marigot, law enforcement officials said.

It was reported that the police were summoned to the BCF about 2.00 p.m on Monday, January 7, 2019 when prohibited items were found in the men’s vehicle.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the vehicle was searched and was found to contain a quantity of cannabis, cannabis resin, mobile telephones and telephone accessories.



  1. These Guys are so brazin,they have such a good job,and yet they engage themselves in this kind of illegal activities.Their actions in my opinion is, unthinkable, unacceptable,in the worse possible way and they should be made to feel the full force of the Law.Further,they should be investigated,intoragated,to find out on whose behalf they were acting.

    • You’re ignorant and a bad speller. I’m willing to bet that you consume alcohol, an actual drug unlike what this misleading and irrelevant article focuses on, which has been documented to be far worse than marijuana but has been legalized. This country can be so backwards sometimes. Legalize it and free up the economy. We’ve advocated for worse. Wake up.

    • Would love to know what your thoughts are on our criminal politicians!

      Senior, polite reminder cannabis is a natural plant alcohol is a man made DRUG.

      Do you not realise the number of “functioning alcoholics” in our civil service and society.

      Ponder on the above with a shot white rhum!

    • Woman shut up what full force of law smh the article stated it was in their vehicle they weren’t trying to smuggle the items I hope when u commit a crime ure given the “full force of the law” smfh

  2. What,s with a little weed?NOTE they weren’t busted trying to smuggle into prison but found thier personal use stash in their private vehicle…foolish police for making this news…especially in a transgression time of the decriminalization and or legalization of this highly spiritual NATURAL plant.

  3. From the headline, I assumed the men were caught trying to smuggle drugs to inmates at BCF.

    But the story just says the items were found in their vehicle. So perhaps it was not smuggling?

    St Lucia Times – perhaps you can get some clarification for us.

  4. If you have the privilege of being employed in such a highly sensitive area. You should not be in possession of contraband on the premises of your employment. Honestly, as an employee of the prison you could very easily provide or sell the contraband to the inmates. God only knows how long this has been going on.

    You all say that there are no jobs, things are hard etc. However, when you obtain employment you ruin it for yourself. Use wisdom people and do the right thing.

  5. Hello people, Cannabis is illegal…unless it’s legalised it’s an offence to have it in your possession. So please stop talking crap.

  6. Well my friends, any thing that is forbidden by law, you must not do or have in your procession, unless if you are an outlaw! where are your tools to do your job? did the police took them? well, illégal substances are not tools! where are you now?

  7. That’s the First time these two foolish Technicians arrested by Law enforcement officers .But I am positive that’s not the First time they traffic Drugs into the Prison.and also other illegal items .Both of them should be Convicted Straight to the prison to join Their Friends

  8. Always some Fuckrey.Marijuana is Free.It grows freely whether the Babylonians like it or Not.Stop turning innocent people into”Criminals”because of a bullshit law you bastard politicans and Government officials have in place and refuse to Negate.Weed will Forever Burn.Marijuana has existed here on earth before all of us alive here right now.Food For thought . Bless Up.

  9. I thought you revised all the tool boxes and bags,parts,phones,that the guys were taking in at the entrance.Besides you dont let these guys in to the jail,with out supervision and guards permanently around them.There is supposed to be no contact between inmates,and workers,that enter the jail to perform any work.Weed is not the problem,phones are,plus other items.

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