Albert-Poyotte Declares Zero Tolerance For Abuse Of Public Officers By Citizens

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Public Service Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte has warned members of the public against abusing public officers carrying out their duties.

While declaring that nothing less than effective and efficient service is required of the public officers as they deal with people daily, the former trade union leader asserted that the people they serve need to respect them.

And she issued a message to members of the public.

“My Ministry will have zero tolerance for abuse of public officers in their line of duty,” Albert-Poyotte said.

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The Minister, also responsible for Home Affairs, Labour, and Gender Affairs, spoke during a Public Service Day ecumenical service on Wednesday at Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

She said public officers deserve respect and the public’s full cooperation as the government seeks to put people first.

Albert-Poyotte announced that on Friday, all agencies are encouraged to show appreciation to public service employees by recognising those who have given service in the region of 20 – 25, 25-30, and 30 years and above.

She explained that the government is in the process of modernizing the public service to serve the people better.

In addition, the Minister noted the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the public service, resulting in many employees working from home or online.

Albert-Poyotte told her audience that this might be the direction to follow in the future.

But she observed that it might not be an ‘easy sell’, because it will require Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

“COVID caught us unawares and persons were asked to work from home and we are not sure whether we had Key Performance Indicators to measure the performance of our public officers,” the Babonneau MP noted.

As a result, she expressed that should consideration be given to the measure in the future, the government will begin to explore the possibilities due to the critical role technology can play in development.

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  1. Woman hold your ahss! shut up! so many illegal things the ministers in your cabinet do already using that public no service!!

  2. all the people here that know the people sitting on their butts GO AND REPORT IT…… media will not allow them to get up from their butts…’s true that some do not have good service etiquette but that wont change the price of sugar………although sugar gone up

  3. Well I as a tax payer including income tax declare zero tolerance of abuse of power. When my money is deducted from me to pay lazy arse workers. You either fire them or send them home Poyotte. No employer tolerates laziness in any business and slackness ( except for government) when they have to find money to pay you. Poyotte make your officers know that. You make it seems like working for government is like a vacation– do as you please and your salary isxwaiting for you. Woman make your statements intelligent please.

  4. How can you say that and you know is lie you lying. All politicans and 90% of the citizens believe they are untouchable in the banana republic. The force brought it upon themselves however. If they stop effing females officers and girls who report violence against them the disrespectful with nt follow them

  5. When you have people who sat on their laurels for 15 to 20 years unemployed doing absolutely nothing but give people maypwee on social media in the name of politics or sleeping with certain party hierarchy and being given diplomatic positions without the required skills for those jobs how can you have an effective and efficient work force? A lot of the times people are intolerant is because the wrong people are in positions they are not qualified for and have nasty attitudes. If abuse means telling them to do their jobs and not waste my time, then sorry they deserve it.

  6. Hey lizard lady u trying to stop people from calling you a ugly lizard 🦎 lady .. punish people for telling the truth …. You are one ugly lizard ….. go ahead and lock me up .

  7. she say she want zero tolerance, you know what this means? just stay there and just accept what ever shitty work the public officers give you. if they on a cell phone instead of serving the public dont say nothing, if they taking to long to serve you and they on their own business dont say nothing, if you on a line for two or three hours because they are short of staff dont say nothing, if they give you attitude dont say nothing and when you get on they fine that you the public are in the wrong

  8. Please don’t regard it as disrespectful when I kindly ask how that murderer was able to escape from prison in Babonneau and was able to catch a flight out. Elected members are just as well servants to the people who elected them. I’m glad you spoke at the big ol’ church where I knelt many times to confess ‘made up sins’ at the confessional box – do kids still do that? I wish some Cabinet Ministers would be forced to confess their sins every week. ”we are all sinners and have come short of the glory of God-but thanks be to the Lord Jesus who died on the Cross by His Blood to wash us of our sins” don’t take that personally, its only me blowing Bobbles from the good book now and then. Stay close to the Church, Amen.

  9. I hope telling them to do their job isn’t considered abuse. You know how Lucian’s soft already and like to feel disrespected easily.

    • Most of them sit on their butts doing nothing for years and then by virtue of being a party hack get big positions with no experience and qualification…..this is the cause of incompetence all round. Young people should become hacks or sleep with the right person and they will get your reward. This is what this government promotes.


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