Albert-Poyotte Laments Culture Of Domestic Violence, Acknowledges Change Will Take Time

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Gender Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte, acknowledging that passing a bill does not change things overnight, has noted that domestic violence is ingrained in the culture.

In March this year, Saint Lucia enacted domestic violence legislation that the Minister then described as ‘one of the most progressive’ in the region.

However, Albert-Poyotte told reporters on Monday that it would take time for behaviours and attitudes towards domestic violence to change.

Nevertheless, she explained that funding has been secured to facilitate sensitisation to raise awareness of domestic violence.

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“We have to begin looking at addressing domestic violence – looking at the next generation because the present generation – this is what they have known and this is part of their behaviour,” the Minister stated.

“It will take a while, it will take that kind of support, encouragement education so that we begin to see people begin to change their behaviour, change their attitude,” the Babonneau MP stated.

“What we need now is a lot of resources to do that and government is putting some resources in that direction and in the coming years – I am not saying months, in the coming years we’ll begin to see some changes. That’s my projection,” Albert-Poyotte told reporters.

Headline photo: Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte speaks to reporters (Stock image)

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  1. The ‘ lizard lady ‘ really love the spotlight … have a hard time listening to anything she say because of the way she look 😂.

  2. Domestic violence Vs Street violence: Why so much violence at a time such as this? its not only by guns, how about the violent driving? why can’t we slow down, not only on the Road but within and outside of the home; is violence then, a part of the DNA of today’s generation? when I look back at the days of my youth, I never heard of such – its too easy to say, oh things have changed – would you laugh if I say to you that as a boy, I knew who had a Car in Castries, I also knew the License Plate No. of the cars of prominent people in Castries; is that strange to you? then laugh. What was violent to us was a guy having a little bit too much of the good stuff, his singing, shouting, behavior different from the norm, then the Caporal in his Kaki Uniform swinging his Bootoo, drag him to the ‘Royal Jail’ for a night, and thats it till some other time, which at the time was no other way of having a better time than to imbibe in the local juice. Try as much as you may, no Phycology can solve this thing. A man commits murder, locked up in Jail, by Osmosis gets loose, soon ends up in Jail in Jamaica, tries the same stunt, didn’t work – but worked in St. Lucia, how& why? – please don’t spend Tax payers money in your fancy Idea – ‘Ask the Lord God to do a miracle in St. Lucia to change some attitudes, some way of life, may the Churches do a much better work to please the Lord. Amen.


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