Albert-Poyotte Praises Sacrifices Of Police In Keeping Citizens Safe

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Home Affairs Minister Virginia Albert-Poyotte paid tribute to the self-sacrificing work of members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) during a ceremony Friday to officially hand over 11 new vehicles to the organisation.

“Sometimes I remind people that police are human beings. They have families – they have to live in the society and we applaud them for the sacrifices that they make in keeping us safe,” the Minister told the ceremony.

“While we might be sleeping at home, these policemen are out there. They have left their families behind and they are putting their lives at risk to ensure our safety. I think we need to give them a round of applause for that sacrifice,” the Babonneau MP stated.

She described the handing over of the 11 vehicles to the RSLPF as an occasion for elation, asserting that the donation represented an independence day present for Police Commissioner Milton Desir.

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The vehicles will assist the police in carrying out mobile patrols and responding to crime reports, as Saint Lucia experiences a sharp spike in gun violence.

So far for the year, the Island has recorded thirteen homicides, including a double-homicide at La Toc, Castries and a triple homicide at Coolie Town.

Albert-Poyotte explained that the government believes in addressing the crime issue by employing remedial policy decisions.

According to the Minister, the government is heeding the citizens’ voices.

“They are entitled to receive a listening ear from their government,” she stated.

The Minister said the people ensured they put a government in office to execute judicious and strategic decisions to gradually make things better than they have been over the past many years.

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  1. Just to save face, tell us who was it that plotted to let the Jamaican killer loose from the Babonneay jail. You know, and if you say you don,t know, then you are not fit for the job. The Truth shall make you free – God is truth.

  2. The minister is doing what she is supposed to do as a leader. The 11 additional vehicles is not a deterrent to the gun violence and possession of illegal guns. Police vehicles should be easily identified with the police sign except for vehicles used for undercover operations. All vehicles should be parked at police station after completion of duty. Officers should use their own vehicles when not on duty. However, it is not only officers who abuse the use of government vehicles, just look around. This is widespread in the civil and public service.

  3. Poyotte is a dek dek. She is dumb. Another one with a doctorate and her speaking is that of a primary school child.
    I’m not sure when police have sacrificed anything to make headlines and in the news. At a time when the medias have reported double homicides and triple homicides Poyotte comes out and say police have sacrificed. How many police have injured or killed in the line of duty in the past years?

  4. The vehicles will assist the police in taking us young man partner from us since now out of a job no income…they will even beat or threaten you if you confront them about it…when last did the police solve a murder no investigation skills, these officers need training they belly how big that’s why they don’t run behind a suspect to apprehend them is shot to kill.

  5. Virginia, adding a fleet of the same type of Vehicles to the police will give the same result. Your investment should bring change and as some one new, I thought you would bring the change to the police system. We are looking for leadership, accountability, processes to follow and above all we need these men and women to serve and protect. The vehicles are a good start but could have been more than a vehicle. A million dollars of the same vehicle is a slap in the face. These police will use them to do the same things – go drinking, visit their mistresses and go for a drive. This is not money well spent on the vehicles. We should start with vehicles which are equiped with computers, radio systems. Police should stay in their Vehicle and access the main computer which is remote. There should be no delay in identifying a suspect – criminal or driver. A guy with a warrant should not be delayed to be identified. At the same time the vehicles should be configured to create a log of their where abouts. The logs should be detailed and provide the leadership and account of the day. The police system across the country should be connected. They all access the same database and record keeping of those who decides to break the law. In my opinion I do not think we should go back to accessing the hang man cemetery. Instead, we implement a three strike rule where on the third case you get locked up for 10 yrs plus regardless of the crime. The monitoring tool could be effective. These vehicles are not money well spent if they are configured like the last fleet. We need change in the system if we want to bring on some safety to Mama Helen.

  6. I am happy that someone from the hits my knows that police officers makes sacrifices to keep us safe and that they have a family. That is what the policemen involved in operation restore confidence were doing yet government and their own have condenmned them for such. They are considered as outcasters in the police force. Can they get promotions . No. Can they take part in any formal activity in the police force. I wonder and need to know. What about theirfamilies that were put through so much emotional turmoil during that time. At least someone knows and see that they do make sacrifices

    • Restore confidence was extra judiciary killings meaning it was unneccesary but please don’t ignore the crimes the police themselves did like brutally people for weed possession and the public faces harrassment from police officers for minor traffic offenses. Now they short on cash they want the public to pay “outstanding” warrants

  7. Police leave their homes as a sacrifice? I thought that that was what they signed up for, or did I misunderstand; they are well paid for that sacrifice. Now tell us how was that murderer able to walk out of detention at the Babonneau Jail? you are the local m.p. you know very well what went down. What sacrifice you talking about? for us to believe and respect you, tell us how did it happen?(God is Truth, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, thank Jesus)

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